Eptascape to Demonstrate MPEG-7 Technology and Analytics at ASIS

Sept. 19, 2007
Eptascape's MPEG-7 products and technology provide scene analysis in real time and alert to and record suspicious events

Eptascape's MPEG-7 technology revolutionizes security surveillance by moving from pixel based video to content based video with critical video search capabilities enabling objects, events and anomalies to be identified and extracted from any scene. In so doing, security monitoring can be focused on salient events rather than across a scene or only on people in a scene. Automating video surveillance eliminates time consuming and daunting tasks like assessing activity on multiple monitors, browsing video, and applying only subjective human judgment to critical security applications. Security is raised both by minimizing human bias and focusing attention precisely on suspicious events.

All Eptascape's MPEG-7 products and technology provide scene analysis in real time and alert to and record suspicious events, such as trespassing, tailgating, abandoned object, removed object, direction flow, loitering, or crowd formation. Eptascape technology is infinitely scaleable and cost effective, allowing multiple events with multiple schedules to be flexibly programmed and operate on a single camera or across a network of many types of cameras on any video management platform.

At the core of Eptascape software is a real-time MPEG-7 encoder that generates metadata and decouples the science of video analysis from the practice of interpretation, enabling new applications of intelligent video surveillance. The Eptascape MPEG-7 encoder software is specifically purposed for DSP embedded systems. By decoupling the two critical components of intelligent video surveillance

- analysis and interpretation

- Eptascape makes video analytics affordable, scalable and embeddable, expanding critical infrastructure in surveillance to include a much broader range of facilities and types of users.

Eptascape is the leader in MPEG-7 intelligent video analytics and will be making announcements with Axis Communications at the show, as well as introducing plug-and-play MPEG-7 intelligent analytics software that equips any video camera or management platform with intelligent analytics, accommodating any mix of analog or IP cameras. Bringing analytics to the array of video management platforms is breakthrough, especially because MPEG-7 enables very high performance with unmatched scalability and flexibility in very affordable and easy adaptations. MPEG-7 makes video analytics suitable for a much broader range of security user

- including surveillance deployments in the $10-50K categories, as well as very high end applications that need to scale and define unlimited behaviors, and for forensic investigators wanting to avoid voluminous time-consuming video searches.

Eptascape will be at ASIS International in booth #1398. For more information, visit www.eptascape.com.