CoVi's New Crystal HD Software Allows Mobile Access to Video

March 1, 2007
New Crystal HD Software allows Security Personnel to Access High Definition Video Remotely for Mobile Surveillance

AUSTIN, Texas – Feb. 28, 2007 – A police officer responds to the second burglary in the same warehouse in less than a month. However this time, rather than pulling out his gun, he pulls out his PDA. What he knows – and the crooks don't – is that the building's aging video surveillance cameras were recently upgraded to a network-based high-definition video system. As a result, he can see live HD-quality video wirelessly as well as access any video that has been recorded in the preceding minutes, hours, or days. The tables are turning, and not in the crook's favor.

This scenario may be fiction, but it's hardly far-fetched. CoVi Technologies, the leader in high definition video surveillance, today introduced its Crystal HD v.2.2 software that, for the first time, gives security personnel the capability to access a single stream of video surveillance remotely through PDAs and four simultaneous streams of video surveillance on a wireless-enabled notebook computer.

"The days of security guards staying in one place and staring at a wall of monitors are over in the video surveillance industry," said Barry Walker president and CEO, CoVi Technologies. "Security personnel and guards are required to move about as they protect people, facilities and assets. We developed these wireless portable viewing solutions at the request of our customers, and believe that these tools will be a great asset to law enforcement and security professionals. The remote access of video streams will increase safety of law enforcement professionals, and make video data a valuable tool in the apprehension of criminals. "

The reality is that in a situation like this the building's security personnel are able to work with the police in real-time. They can also quickly find and analyze recorded video to aid in the identification, apprehension, and ultimately the prosecution of criminals.

The PDA Viewer capability provides improved situational awareness for law enforcement and security professionals so they can assess a potentially dangerous environment before they arrive, or on the other side of a locked door. Video is available via a Web Browser on Windows MobileTM 5.0 PDA that is connected via a WiFi network. Furthermore, the application is secure, with access to the surveillance network available only to authorized viewers.

QuadView is a Windows XP-compatible viewing client for remote monitoring and surveillance. Users can view up to 4 cameras simultaneously in HD quality, and can view a mix of live and recorded video for post-event video analysis.

In addition, CoVi Crystal HD v.2.2 software supports the following:

• Media Player Pro – Offers the ability to playback and export video in multiple formats, including .cvv, .mov, .mp4, and .asf for improved data sharing and analysis of recorded video

• All CoVi digital cameras – Accommodates all new versions of CVQ cameras, including the new 2500/3500 series cameras featuring video analytics capabilities

• Seagate's 500/750 GB drives – Features support of higher-capacity drives for CoVi's DMMs (Distributed Media Managers), offering up to three times greater storage capacity 5 and 7.5 frames-per-second in HD – Has the ability to record video in HD up to 7.5 frames-per-second

The CoVi Crystal HD system is the world's only HD, IP-based digital video surveillance system. Crystal HD's unique distributed architecture is a dramatic departure from the legacy centralized CCTV topology, and maximizes quality and functionality while minimizing network usage. Unlike stand-alone camera and DVR products, Crystal HD is designed from the ground-up as a complete system. Crystal HD integrates cameras, Distributed Media Managers, and monitoring and management software to provide unparalleled performance and reliability.

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