State Department Selects Ioimage Video Solution

Aug. 23, 2006
Ioimage provides easy-to-install advanced intelligent video appliances to protect US facility in Kabul, Afghanistan

Hackensack, NJ -- August 23, 2006 -- ioimage US (, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances designed for simplicity in installation and operation, announced today that the US State Department has deployed ioimage’s video surveillance system at a compound in Kabul, Afghanistan to protect the facility from security breaches.

The intelligent video system from ioimage is part of a complete security solution to track activity outside the walls of the US compound and to detect any security breaches. ioimage's intelligent video appliances enable dozens of pan/tilt/zoom and fixed cameras to monitor activity outside the compound and to alert security guards to suspicious events and insurgent attacks.

The ioimage system is part of a new security solution that was installed at the compound by security systems integrator High-Ground Corp. of Nashville, Tenn. The project also included integrating ioimage’s system with infrared illuminators in poorly lit areas, a central command center, wiring and power generators.

“The ioimage video analytics solution was extremely easy to deploy,” said Tom Wiese, chief operating officer of High-Ground Corp. “We didn’t have any prior experience with ioimage’s intelligent video appliances, but it only took a few days to get the complete system up and running, including installation, configuration and integration of dozens of cameras located throughout the compound.”

The security project presented several challenges for High-Ground Corp., which turned the project around in 45 days, from the bid submission to completed installation. The compound needed a security system that provided real-time alerts to security breaches because it is located in a busy area next to a highway and shares several walls with other compounds.

“We wanted the solution to be fairly simple to install and easy to operate,” said Wiese. “This system allowed us to select specific fields of views, so if anyone or anything comes over the compound wall, security guards are alerted immediately.”

ioimage’s products are designed for both mid and high-end security installations, providing both markets with high performance functionality and systems that are easy to operate. The system is intuitive, highly reliable and compatible with existing surveillance infrastructure.

“The US State Department joins a growing list of government agencies that utilize ioimage’s intelligent video systems for their ease of installation and operation and high performance,” said Roni Kass, ioimage’s CEO and founder. “ioimage’s solutions are ideal for homeland security as well as for commercial applications, to detect security breaches, trespassing and thefts.”