Teleview Releases New IR Mini Dome

Jan. 29, 2007
High resolution IR surveillance camera in an attractive metal enclosure

Teleview Technologies announces the release of its new Mini Angel IR46 CCTV camera. This product offers cosmetically-pleasing styling in a tough metal housing with many options available. It produces extremely sharp images with pure SONY technology and 420 lines of resolution. The custom-engineered infrared illuminator on this model exceeds 30 feet of IR range for use in 0 lux applications.

Teleview Technologies is a Singapore-based high technology surveillance systems manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in Asia and a leading presence around the world. Already a major vendor for the CCTV industry in much of Asia and the Far East, Teleview has expanded its marketplace to North America with its U.S. Headquarters in metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri. Teleview Technologies engages in long-term research and development projects in the fields of CCTV and Surveillance Systems, and they manufacture and implement world-class surveillance systems and solutions.

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