Forward Vision PTZ camera offers day-night and thermal imaging

Feb. 4, 2008
Camera sees 'double' by using day-night imager along with a FLIR 50mm thermal imager

Forward Vision's new dual spectra fully functional PTZ camera is now available, incorporating a 50mm thermal imager from FLIR. The new "Metal Mickey" MIC1-412 Thermal is able to give an optical overview of a scene thanks to its integrated day/night camera then, at the flick of a switch in the control room, the camera delivers thermal images with a detection range of over 780 meters. A number of thermal modes are afforded to the user including white hot, black hot and fire and ice displays.

The MIC1-412 Thermal is machined from 6mm aluminum and rated to IP67 making it the most ruggedised optical and thermal CCTV solution currently available.

It is the latest in Forward Vision's industry-leading MIC1 series to feature brush less motor technology as standard. The brush less motors deliver unrivaled silent pan-tilt-zoom operation while groundbreaking 'resolver' technology provides the camera operator with a full 360° continuous rotation pan and an unprecedented 320° tilt control - all with pin-point accuracy.

Peter Dobson, one of Forward Vision's founding engineers, states "A pre-production MIC1-412 was unveiled at the Extreme Group's recent Open Days in Manchester and London, generating a number of orders. Buyers told us they liked its ability to cover all aspects of detection and surveillance in one extremely flexible unit, regardless of the installed environment and conditions."

The new thermal camera range is able to capture the highest possible quality images all year around thanks to its integrated wiper and is available with either an 18x or 36x optical camera, while the FLIR thermal imager has built-in sun protection that allows the camera to self-heal if it is accidently pointed directly at the sun.

The MIC1-412 Thermal is aimed at a wide range of applications, from perimeter security (including military and border patrol) to rescue services (in particular fire departments) through to law enforcement. Like all cameras in the MIC1 series, the thermal unit is suitable for both permanent and rapid deployment applications. Two MIC1-412s have already been added to the security array protecting the country estate of one household-name celebrity.

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