Lenel Unveils New Release of Lenel IntelligentVideo

Sept. 12, 2005
Latest generation of digital video content analysis software features advanced events and filters, higher throughout

ASIS International, Orlando, Florida, Booth # 1469 - Integrated security systems leader Lenel Systems International today announced a new release of the company's pioneering real-time digital video content analysis software, Lenel IntelligentVideo. First introduced to market a year ago, Lenel IntelligentVideo software can recognize, analyze and classify objects (information) in live and captured video. In doing so, Lenel IntelligentVideo extends the capabilities of digital video recording and surveillance by providing intelligence, automation, efficiency and cost savings.

Functionally, system operators configure parameters for generic events, and Lenel IntelligentVideo sends alarms to Lenel Alarm Monitoring workstations whenever those custom-calibrated events occur. The latest generation of the software includes a number of new, important events. One of these, PTZ Auto-Tracking, automatically detects and locks on an intruder, tracking the person and reporting alarms in OnGuard. The 3-D People Counting and Anti-Tailgating event uses stereoscopic vision to very accurately monitor the flow of people through an area. The Object Moves Too Fast event detects any speeding object, such as a person running through an airport terminal or hallway, or a car speeding in a parking lot or road.

Also new is a powerful Facility Utilization application, which integrates People Counting functionality at multiple access points such as gates. The application analyzes the data and provides statistical reports on the flow of people. Because the Facility Utilization application is integrated into OnGuard, the system can generate alarms based on user-defined thresholds for human traffic flow.

For some intrusion detection applications, the Smart Video Motion Detection (VMD) event provides extremely fast and cost-efficient intrusion detection, and can process up to 64 video channels simultaneously on a single Lenel Intelligent Video Server computer. By comparison, other intrusion detection engines on the market can typically process only four video channels.

Productivity enhancements to Lenel IntelligentVideo include friendly, semi-automatic calibration for many of the events, with graphical displays to assist the user in selecting the optimal value for parameter configuration. Automatic focus-testing of cameras enables the user to accurately define the allowable out-of-focus threshold for a camera. The new release also features more robust engines and higher throughput, with processing up to twice as fast as in the previous release.

Numerous sophisticated filters have been built into the software, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and minimizing the potential for false alarms in complex environments. For outdoor applications, the Anti-vibration filter adjusts for camera vibrations that are caused by windy conditions, and the Foreground Model filter accounts for any dramatic changes in light that occur naturally. The Non-isolated Object filter is useful in dynamic, congested settings to identify which objects are actually part of the crowd rather than abandoned objects. The Object Consistency filter analyzes the path of an object to determine whether the object is valid or false. In addition, Lenel IntelligentVideo now allows the user to identify any area within the region of focus that are irrelevant and should be ignored.

Underlying the simplicity of the Lenel IntelligentVideo user experience are the powerful technology and flexibility that are integral to the software. Lenel IntelligentVideo supports an extremely rich array of features and capabilities, including advanced motion analysis and object tracking (noting the direction of movement, speed, and motion patterns such as stopping or starting), object detection and classification (including color analysis), facial detection, loitering, people counting, crowd monitoring, detection of abandoned or physically removed objects, and more.

Lenel IntelligentVideo is available as either a seamlessly integrated component of Lenel OnGuard VideoManager, or as part of Lenel's network video management solution, Lenel VideoDefender.

Lenel (www.lenel.com)will be demonstrating the new capabilities of Lenel IntelligentVideo in the company's booth, #1469, at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International 2005 trade show, September 12-15 in Orlando.