Symagery Introduces High-Performance VCA1282 Image Sensor

Dec. 10, 2004
Sensor is designed for demanding industrial, machine vision, automatic inspection, security and surveillance

OTTAWA -- Symagery today announced its VCA1282 image sensor, a new solution ideal for security, machine vision, surveillance, biometric and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) applications that require high-quality images with fine resolution from unpredictable, demanding environments.

The VCA1282 is a 4th generation, 1.3 megapixel, CMOS image sensor with digital output that offers both color and monochrome options. The SXGA (1280H x 1024 V) format array provides high-resolution images while maintaining full video frame rates of a sustained 30 frames per second through a single 43MHz output.

With on-chip 8 bit A/D (internal 11 bit A/D) conversion, the VCA1282 allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to easily integrate image capture into any system or product. It incorporates a windowing mode with user-definable window start and stop addresses so that OEMs can randomly configure the size and location of a desired frame anywhere in the array. Higher frame rates are achieved with smaller window sizes.

Features include the following:

-- New pixel structure increases sensitivity, producing brighter images and reducing the need for light sources.

-- Pin to pin compatible with previous VCA1281.

-- Global reset and integration synchronized to external strobed illumination offers object freeze capability.

-- New software or hardware controlled frame(s)-on-demand feature.

-- No active external components required, lowering board cost and simplifying the development process. It also introduces the unique ability to reduce power consumption for applications where lower power is required.

"The VCA1282 is our highest performing sensor to date," said Ron Caines, president and CEO, Symagery. "OEMs with demanding requirements will find that this 1.3 CMOS megapixel sensor is the perfect size to obtain the best resolution and accuracy for machine vision and other applications."

The VCA1282 will be generally available to OEMs beginning first quarter of 2005.