Verkada launches AI-powered search

May 10, 2024
Verkada's AI-powered search will enable customers to use everyday language to search their video security camera footage for people and vehicles.

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 9, 2024 -- Verkada, a pioneer in cloud-based physical security solutions, today announced it will offer customers a new AI-powered search in Beta. Leveraging a large language and large vision model, Verkada's AI-powered search will enable customers to use everyday language to search their video security camera footage for people and vehicles, making their investigations even more intuitive and efficient.

"Our new AI-powered search is an exciting expansion of the way that Verkada leverages the latest AI and computer vision models to keep people safe," said Brandon Davito, Senior Vice President of Product at Verkada. "We are eager to continue improving and expanding our capabilities as we make Verkada's platform the operating system of buildings of the future."

With the ability to search for people and vehicles across a much wider – and more granular – range of descriptive features, Verkada customers can now search through footage faster than ever. AI-powered search also enables customers to address industry-specific operational concerns – everything from retailers looking to identify shoplifters to manufacturing customers looking to ensure workplace safety.

Verkada customers already beta testing its AI-powered search have been able to reduce the amount of time spent on investigations. Retail customers, for example, are saving time by searching for specific objects on a person like, "person wearing a striped sweater" or "person with a red purse near front door."

"If we know a suspected shoplifter was wearing a mask or carrying a distinctive bag, we type it into the search bar and immediately find the footage we need," said Joe Esterreicher, Director of Loss Prevention & Risk Management at Harry Rosen, a luxury retailer. "This drastically cuts down our investigation time."

Learn more about Verkada's AI-powered search here.

Verkada also announced a range of additional features and updates across its platform, including: 

  • AI-Powered Search: Verkada customers can now search video security footage in Command with everyday language, drastically reducing investigation times. For example, users can search for a “blue BMW leaving the garage last Friday” or a “person holding a Louis Vuitton bag.” More here.

  • ASSA ABLOY Integrations: Customers can now control and manage ASSA ABLOY WiFi and PoE locks directly in Command. More here.

  • Door Lock API: Users can easily and securely connect third-party systems to Command and manage their access permissions. More here.

  • New FIPS-Validated Cameras: We’ve added four new FIPS-validated Bullet cameras to customers who use Command on AWS GovCloud,  which join the FIPS-validate Dome series we announced in February. More here

  • Intercom Updates: We’re releasing several new enhancements, including more accurate call transcriptions, LPR unlock capabilities, UX/UI improvements, and more. More here