The Solus Appliance

Jan. 27, 2012
Single server and storage plug-and-play solution offers integration to legacy CCTV equipment and hundreds of third party IP cameras and encoders

Ridgefield Park, NJ, January 26, 2012 — DVTel, Inc., multiple award-winning market leader in IP video surveillance, announced today the release of a feature-rich, open standards Video Management System (VMS). The Solus Appliance is an integrated server and storage solution in one, designed for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)s looking for an all-in-one system for up to 32 cameras.

The Solus Appliance is a software-hardware solution that comes pre-set and pre-installed and delivers the capabilities of DVTel's proven Latitude VMS (Video Management System) without the complexity and price of an enterprise class solution.

This plug-and-play system offers the SME market a cost-effective mid-range system with the flexibility to view, record and export audio and video of multiple compressions (H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG). It supports up to 32 camera connections (channel licenses) to the DVTel Quasar camera line or third party cameras. The RAID 5 feature delivers increased data reliability and input/output performance, since it can divide and replicate data among multiple, physical drives.

"The Solus Appliance is one in a range of IP video surveillance solutions being introduced by DVTel this year. It aligns with our strategy to target SMEs with world-class, competitively priced, highly capable surveillance systems without the complexities and cost of an Enterprise solution," said Dan Hochberg, Vice-President, Corporate Sales, DVTel, Inc.

"Our proven expertise in high-end solutions is now being packaged for the mid-sized market. We know that our Systems Integrators, dealers and manufacturer representatives need competitively priced VMS offerings, on a mid-sized scale, that deliver real value to their customers. The less time they spend on installing systems, the more time they have to train and support their customers."

Digital to its core, the Solus Appliance supports IP networked digital or analogue cameras, meaning it can view live and recorded content on a PC monitor or, through the use of a decoder, on an analogue CCTV monitor. In line with DVTel's shift to a more open product offering, the Solus Appliance is ONVIF compliant allowing it to integrate to hundreds of third party cameras and encoders.