RGB Spectrum improves situational awareness for Ventura County California Fire 911 Center

Dec. 21, 2022
RGB Spectrum’s Galileo processor powers a state-of-the-art, massive, 48ft wide by 8 ft tall LED video wall able to display all of their video sources simultaneously

Ventura County Fire Communications Center (FCC) is the county’s regional fire, rescue, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 911 Call and Dispatch Center. It is also the secondary PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) for Ventura County. Five fire agencies and one ambulance provider serve more than 843,000 people in the Ventura County area. The FCC manages all fire and medical-related calls with emergency medical dispatchers.

Ventura County FCC is responsible for assigning the closest available resource to fire and medical calls, to ensure that citizens receive fast, efficient, and high-quality service. The county upgraded its dispatch center visualization technology in part to instantaneously view escalating incidents in real time and address ongoing public safety concerns. Using RGB Spectrum’s Galileo video wall processor, FCC dispatchers and management staff can get a complete picture of what’s happening around the community and how to manage security and safety issues effectively.

Before the upgrade, the facility used four video projectors that could display only four at a time out of a possible 12 data sources. The paucity of vital data and visuals made the roles of dispatchers difficult. With the growing number and complexity of incident responses, it became critical to have more advanced visualization technology.

How the FCC Protects Their Community

RGB Spectrum’s Galileo processor powers a state-of-the-art, massive, 48ft wide by 8 ft tall LED video wall able to display all of their video sources simultaneously. The Galileo processor offers a superior viewing experience with real-time throughput and exceptional image quality, consolidating critical visuals and data to provide a correlated view of incidents. Personnel views this information collaboratively for real-time assessment, response, and resource deployment.

Jordan Roberts, FCC’s Dispatch Center Manager, shared, “The FCC supports 18 dispatcher consoles which interact with the command personnel and deploy resources. The Galileo-based video wall system significantly improves situational awareness with numerous video sources displayed continuously. Personnel gain in better decision-making and real-time information on escalating incidents.”

The Galileo processor supports baseband and IP- based video inputs, including analog, Video-over-IP streams, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and 3G/HD-SDI signal formats.

The system receives and displays inputs from an array of sources, from surveillance cameras throughout the community and within the facility to Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), fire maps, 911 maps, evacuation information, aerial video footage, live local news broadcasts, and other data. The processor consolidates these diverse sources, and displays them in windows of any size, anywhere on the video wall.

Personnel can easily switch and route inputs and choose customizable, preset display layouts. They can select the appropriate surveillance cameras and display them live when a call comes in reporting an incident in progress. “The feedback from dispatcher and command personnel has been very positive,” commented Roberts. “They are very pleased with the ability to view more data and the increased versatility of presentation.”

RGB Spectrum is a leading manufacturer of mission-critical, real-time video solutions for corporate, government, and military clients. The company offers integrated hardware, software, and control systems to satisfy the most demanding requirements. RGB Spectrum’s Galileo video display processor is an ideal video wall solution for mission-critical operations, including emergency operations centers, security operations centers, control rooms, command centers, traffic management facilities, and network operations centers. The processor is part of the company’s commitment to collaborative decision-making.

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