Partners with VoIP Leader Vonage

April 21, 2005
Marketing alliance between companies formed for security system not dependent on VoIP, a manufacturer of wireless security systems that can be controlled via the web and which can send alarm owners sensor alerts via emails or text messages, has entered into a marketing alliance with VoIP giant Vonage. The alliance is designed to address the issues of VoIP compatibility for residential and commercial security systems

Using the company's stable of dealers, is planning to market to Vonage's customers a security system that needs no phone line, nor depends on the as-of-yet unreliable VoIP connections.

Rather than try to push secure data across a VoIP connection (which depends on power availability to the unit's modem, and upon packet delivery accuracy) or a POTS line, the service will offer long-range wireless transmission of security system alerts, using a wireless network from providers that has arrangements with. The alarm will be transmitted wirelessly to's station in D.C. before distribution to the monitoring center.

As part of the alliance, dealers will also be able to sell Vonage VoIP phone service to their customers.