RiT Technologies launches new security management solutions

Feb. 3, 2009
Paladin solutions extend company's offerings for clients and partners, covers access, environmental conditions, more

Tel Aviv, Israel – January 13, 2009 – RiT Technologies, the world-leading provider of intelligent infrastructure solutions, today announced a strategic new solution family: Paladin Solutions for real-time, active Environment and Security Management.

The innovative Paladin solutions, based on technology from one of RiT’s business partners, are designed for 24/7 active monitoring and real-time analysis of a premises’ temperature, power usage, physical access and many other environmental and security parameters. Taking a preventive rather than a reactive approach, the system consists of both software and hardware components, and is designed to interface fully and easily with the sensors and equipment of other vendors. Paladin’s scalable modular architecture enables it to be deployed in a broad variety of mission-critical environments, and to grow as required from initial installations in datacenters to communications rooms, remote stations and other facilities – whether for utilities, telecommunications service providers, military/governmental installations, or other types of organizations.

"Paladin takes a new, more flexible and comprehensive approach to active Environment and Security Management – a practical solution for the continuous operation challenges of critical business facilities," commented Mr. Avi Kovarsky, RiT’s CEO and President. "On a strategic level, Paladin represents a significant expansion of our solution offering. Since security and environmental solutions are considered essential products for mission-critical organizations, we believe that Paladin will open up attractive new markets for us and our partners."

Paladin solutions are differentiated by their ability to actively protect the environment and security of virtually all types of local and remote premises from a central station. Paladin solutions are designed to provide 24/7 collection and analysis of data from practically any type of sensor, as well as from cameras and other types of security equipment. When the system senses a developing situation, it alerts and responds automatically and immediately, minimizing damage and downtime by setting in motion a chain of user-defined actions, each based on the system’s unique business logic capabilities.

To facilitate deployment in existing installations, Paladin interfaces with the standard sensors of third-party vendors as well as with its own sensors.

Mr. Kovarsky continued, "We believe we are bringing a unique concept to the active Environment and Security Management market – the combination of real-time, active management and control capabilities with powerful business logic and an open and scalable platform. We believe Paladin’s differentiating functionality makes it a winning proposition that will be welcomed by an industry in need of better solutions."

Visit RiT at BICSI

RiT will showcase its new Paladin product line next week at Booth #1025 of the BICSI 2009 Winter Conference and Exhibition. At the booth, RiT will also be demonstrating its cutting-edge structured cabling solutions, advanced cable and asset management (CAM) and industry-leading intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) solutions.