Zensys technology embedded in Nokia Home Control Center

Dec. 8, 2008
Home automation solution powered by Zensys’ Z-Wave

Fremont, Calif., December 8, 2008 – The Z-Wave enabled Nokia Home Control Center introduces state-of-the-art home networking technologies that will provide consumers with a broad range of possibilities to make home a smart home, such as:

  • Monitor and control home applications and lighting
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning control
  • Monitoring and reduction of electricity, gas, water consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Enhanced home security and safety monitoring
  • Help caretaking and well-being

The Z-Wave enabled Nokia Home Control Center will allow compatibility and control within the interoperable Z-Wave ecosystem that’s over 300 products strong and growing rapidly. The Z-Wave ecosystem lets the user monitor and control their electricity usage, switch devices on and off, and monitor home systems and devices such as temperature controls, security cameras, and motion detectors.

The Z-Wave enabled Nokia Home Control Center empowers the user to take control of the home, locally or remotely, from the palm of a hand using the associated mobile interfaces.

The Z-Wave embedded Nokia Home Control Center takes advantage of the latest developments in the Z-Wave standard, delivering a plug-and-play experience that’s easy to setup and easy to use, while still remaining backwards compatible with Z-Wave certified devices.

"Zensys is excited to be a part of this visionary product from Nokia," says Tony Shakib, CEO Zensys Inc. "It’s a great leap forward in home control and home energy savings, and with Nokia’s global reach, the Z-Wave ecosystem will continue to grow exponentially."

"Over the past years Zensys has continuously demonstrated ability to energize the home control market. Interoperability with Z-Wave products and Nokia Home Control Center was a natural choice," says Toni Sormunen, Director Smart Home, Nokia.