Protect Unveils Mobile Anti-Theft Fog Protection

May 7, 2007
Theft-control fog cannon can be activated by PIR sensor or remotely by SMS phone

A workmen's hut with expensive tools, a temporary storeroom or an examination room full of computers can now be protected with a mobile fog protection installation. The Danish company Protect has just developed a patent applied SMS Fog Cannon that can be used everywhere it is difficult or impossible to install fog protection permanently. The fog cannon can be remote-controlled by an ordinary mobile phone.

Traditional fog security is the only form of protection that is able to stop a burglary in the time gap between a break-in through windows or doors and the arrival of security guards or police. Just a few seconds after the electronic alarm has been tripped a dense fog is released and fills the room - making it impossible for the burglar to see and find the valuables.

However, in many situations it is impossible to install a permanent fog cannon connected to a conventional burglar alarm. For instance, during the vulnerable period when a new company is installing new furniture and computers before the alarm system.

This is why Protect now has developed a new fog cannon, which is quick and easy to install and which can be installed in places and situations where there is no conventional electronic alarm system.

The fog is released when the integrated PIR sensor detects and signals a movement in the secured room. Via the SMS box in the fog cannon it is possible to set and unset the cannon with a mobile phone and get SMS-messages to advise the change of state.

"We have developed the new 'stand alone' fog cannon, because it has been demanded by many of our customers for protection of premises under construction or reconstruction – or for protection until the conventional, electronic alarm has been installed," explained Managing Director Poul Dalsgaard, Protect.

The name of the new fog cannon is SMS Fog Cannon, because the user, via an in-built SMS-box, has contact to and control of the fog cannon through a mobile phone.

In practice the fog cannon are tripped, when the PIR sensor registers a movement in the secured room. At the same time a SMS message signalling the alarm is sent to up to four different mobile phones so that the owner or the security company can react.

Furthermore any change of state will be sent by SMS in clearly understandable texts to the mobile phone(s). Messages such as Activated fog cannon, Sabotage, Low fluid level, Drop of voltage or too low 12V-supply automatically releases a SMS to the user. When a state returns to normal, for instance after refill of smoke fluid, the user will get this information on SMS from the fog cannon.

If a customer doesn't want to install a conventional electronic alarm system, this new SMS Fog Cannon can also be installed permanently. In this case it can be supplied with an additional key pad at the entrance of the secured rooms.

"We have great expectations of the SMS Fog Cannon, because it can be used effectively in places and situations where it is normally very difficulty to secure your property. This is also the reason why we have applied for a patent for the machine. For example repetitive burglaries from building sites are very costly in time and money to contractors and building owners. We hope to make this kind of theft much more difficult in the future," said Poul Dalsgaard.

Fog is a relatively new way of safeguarding valuables. The sole Danish and Nordic producer is Protect A/S in Hasselager south of Aarhus. Since Protect was founded in 2001 more than 10,000 alarm systems have been installed with fog protection in such diverse places as educational establishments, schools, opticians, jewelleries, radio-, TV- and IT-shops, petrol stations and in holiday cottages. Among others Jyske Bank has secured its 120 branches with fog cannons in order to avoid the theft of expensive furniture, audio- and IT equipment. Also Georg Jensen's design shop on the main shopping street in Copenhagen has been secured with fog – and JYSK and REMA 1000 are doing the same in a number of their shops.

The local contact is managed by a nationwide network of alarm installers and dealers.

The fog generators are always installed as a supplement to other burglar alarm system. When the alarm is tripped, the room (or rooms) is filled with dense fog in a few seconds. This keeps the burglar out of the room or forces him, if already inside, to leave immediately.

The fog is quite harmless to people and animals, electronic equipment and furniture, but so dense that it is impossible to find valuables in the room – or just to find your bearings!

Protect has, since its foundation in 2001, been expanding widely both nationally and internationally. Today it exports to more than 30 countries.

Recently sole distributors in USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Eastern Europe have successfully been established.

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