Napco Introduces iSee Video

Sept. 24, 2007
System allows users to connect and view analog cameras over the Internet

Amityville, NY - NAPCO Security Systems, Inc., is pleased to introduce iSee Video which allows end-users to connect four analog cameras of any brand and permits consumers access to these cameras 24/7 from the Internet.

I-See Video features an intuitive, instruction-fee interface and works with all web browsers, I.E., Firefox, Safari and gets video through any corporate/MIS firewall (key when customers at work want to see into their home or vacation home, etc.) So, simple, it virtually eliminates in-home customer training and callbacks. iSee Video is compatible with any cell phone that can access the Internet. Just go to and click on the iSee Video image to learn more about this intelligent security made simple by Napco.

To eliminate configuration, the Napco G-Box provides true plug and play connection. Simply plug the G-Box into a DSL modem and plug the VIP-GatewayX into the G-Box. The G-Box instantly automates port forwarding for the installer. This incredible invention sets NAPCO apart from its competitors allowing alarm companies to sell and install without hiring IT professionals.

ISee Video is a handy tool for consumers who require extra protection both at home or for their business. End-users can go onto our server anytime and view both live and stored video clips. Cameras can be configured to automatically record triggered events. When an alarm goes off, cameras will start to record 15 seconds of video pre and post alarm activation. Video clips are sent to our server and the consumer will instantly be notified by e-mail that an event has occurred. The user would click the link on the e-mail to view the event.

Napco supports 96 outputs on our panels, allowing for extensive automation. VIP-GatewayX installers can take one of the outputs and tie it into VIP-GatewayX to initiate a sequence. Wired over to the G-Box, most of our inputs can be used on the VIP-GatewayX to trigger one or all cameras. For example, an installer can set the security system to activate one or more cameras when an alarm is triggered. Each camera can be linked to a specific piece of security equipment and start to record when the device is set off.

Napco has re-launched VIP-GatewayX/24 with many new enhancements and is creating a new division to support it. We have recently added video motion with masking to VIP-GatewayX, which means that it will soon support pixel based video motion detection. Napco has integrated advanced matrix technology to reduce false alarms and allow end-users to dictate where they want motion sensors to be applied. Built into a super easy plug and play product, iSee Video gives the consumer multiple user-friendly options to view video from their cameras.