American Response Center and Bosch Partner for Easy IP Alarm Reporting

March 26, 2006
ARC dealers to use Bosch C900V2 dialer capture model, allowing any panel to report over IP

American Response Center has partnered with Bosch to make alarm reporting over IP easy for ARC dealers anywhere in the country. Using Bosch’s C900V2 Dialer Capture Module, an ARC dealer can convert virtually any alarm control panel to report over IP. The C900V2 uses Bosch’s exclusive dialer capture technology to send all reports, including user and zone numbers, to ARC’s national monitoring center. With the C900V2 available through most distributors, dealers can take advantage of this unique technology solution from Bosch with advanced technology monitoring available nationally through ARC. And why this solution is so important now for dealers is clear.

As a milestone of the changing technology scene, 2005 was the benchmark year that the number of wireless phones exceeded the number of standard phone lines in the US. In addition, Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is predicted to reach 10% of American households by 2009. Interestingly, 8% of American households no longer have a standard phone line, opting to use their mobile phones instead. As dealers accounts start to move away from standard phone lines, a dealer needs workable and easy alternatives to provide event reporting. Did you know that there are 47 million broadband accounts in the US? Internet alarm communications and monitoring can be the answer for many accounts.

ARC in partnering with Bosch answers dealers’ needs clearly and strongly with the Bosch C900V2 Module. The Bosch C900V2 connects to the standard phone output of the existing control. No new programming required. In addition, since it connects to a customer’s existing panel, an ARC dealer can take advantage of IP without having to train their customers on a new system. Installation is seamless for customers, and an ARC dealer saves training and installation time that would be spent if choosing other more complicated approaches to IP reporting. Programming is easy and simple, so a dealer can quickly program the C900V2 without complicated IP commands. If you can browse a web site, you can program it. An ARC dealer uses a simple web tool to program the module to send reports to the American Response Center. Visit for information on the Bosch C900V2 module. For more information on advanced monitoring for ARC dealers, visit