STR Introduces Series of Volumetric Microwave Intruder Detectors

March 13, 2006
AGAT-SP5 transcievers offer flexible detection field, designed to prevent false detections

TORONTO – STR International, Inc. has introduced its unique AGAT-SP5 Series of volumetric microwave intruder detectors to the North American market.

Based on high-quality Russian technology, the AGAT-SP5 Series transceivers can generate detection fields ranging from 16.4 to 262 feet (5 to 80 meters) long and up to 16.4 feet (5 meters) wide, depending on the model. The units can be mounted at varying heights for further variation. If an intruder enters the established field, the transceiver generates an output alarm. The field length, width and sensitivity settings are all fully adjustable directly from the unit with all setting controls protected by a tamper-proof lid.

In order to combat false alarms, the AGAT-SP5 continually learns and adjusts to changes in the environment. The AGAT-SP5 Series is highly sensitive to intruders but at the same time resistant to the movement of small animals and birds that are more than two meters away.

Included in the AGAT-SP5 Series are the SP5, the SP5/1 and the SP5/2, each providing a different sensor range, 131 feet (40 meters), 197 feet (60 meters) and 262 feet (80 meters).

The rugged and weatherproof AGAT-SP5 Series units consume only 60mA and are ideally suited for protecting areas such as parking lots, spaces between buildings, roofs or walls, hangars, storage facilities, attics and other large premises.

The AGAT-SP5 Series are capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -58 degrees to 149 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 to 65 degrees Celsius). The detectors also function at 100 percent relative humidity at 77 degrees Fahrenheit/25 degrees Celsius. The AGAT-SP5 Series will also withstand rain intensity of up to 0.79 inches (20 mm) per hour and wind speed of up to 55.9 miles per hour (25 meters per second) gusts.

“With its rugged construction, unique features and high-quality technology and design, the AGAT-SP5 Series is setting the industry standard,” said Eugene Gerstein, managing director of STR International. “These hard-working volumetric detectors are built to detect intruders in even the most remote locations and in the most extreme weather conditions – with only a 2 percent false alarm probability.”

Measuring just 8.1x5.1x3.5 inches (205x130x90mm) and weighing only 1.3 pounds (0.6 kg), the AGAT-SP5 Series provides true microwave detection in an attractive shatter- , tamper- and weather-proof package. STR International’s industry-leading three-year warranty gives customers peace of mind knowing their detectors will operate under the worst of conditions.

STR International offers several other microwave perimeter protection detectors including explosion-proof and mobile versions. Like all of the company’s products, the AGAT-SP5 Series is easy to install and deploy. STR International, which recently became a PSA Security Network-approved vendor, also offers training and technical support to ensure that dealers and installers have everything they need.

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