Xtralis ADPRO IntrusionTrace recognized by HOSDB

May 14, 2013
UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch certifies IntrusionTrace as a primary detection system

Dublin, Ireland — 8 May 2013 — Xtralis, the world’s leading provider of early detection and visual verification safety and security solutions, today announced that version 1.14 of IntrusionTrace, a downloadable intrusion detection analytic for the ADPRO® FastTrace™ 2/2X, has been approved as a primary detection system for operational use in sterile environments by the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB). This is the third Xtralis product to receive this certification, as Xtralis Presidium® was approved in 2008.
The Imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems (i-LIDS) is the UK government’s benchmark for video analytics (VA) systems. i-LIDS is comprised of a library of CCTV video footage based around ‘scenarios’ central to the government’s requirements. Sterile zone monitoring addresses alarm events consisting of the presence of people in a sterile zone between two security fences. The approval means that government and other mission-critical security users can confidently implement IntrusionTrace for an array of sterile zone monitoring applications, assured that the solution provides the highest level of accuracy in diverse real world environments.
“We strongly recommend our customers only to deploy i-LIDS primary detection certified video analytics solution. We’ve seen dozens of projects in the perimeter security sector where a variety of national / international vendors have not fulfilled any standards in terms of algorithms for video analytics. These systems caused a lot of problems and it was necessary to change them. Thanks to the HOSDB i-LIDS is now a well know standard globally. We were very happy with Xtralis Presidum in the last months and years and are excited to hear that Xtralis IntrusionTrace is now i-LIDS certified for primary detection for operational use in sterile environments. This is excellent news for our customers and opens a lot of opportunities especially with the corresponding Xtralis licencing model. Both existing and potential new customers can profit from an international standard like i-LIDS making sure that the investment in this excellent perimeter security solution is state of the art” says Mr. Markus Piendl, Senior Consultant of Security and System-Management at strensys GmbH in Oberammergau Germany.
Mister Piendl, an international perimeter security specialist with an experience of more than 15 years in the market and 1400 projects adds: “FastTrace 2/2x loaded with i-LIDS certified IntrusionTrace and combined with intelligent ADPRO PIRs delivers an excellent perimeter protection system that can be trusted for the toughest jobs“.
Since being introduced in September 2012, IntrusionTrace has been successfully deployed on thousands of FastTrace 2/2X video channels in a diverse variety of security applications around the world including government facilities, military and law enforcement sites, retail, warehousing, solar parks, and critical infrastructure like water, power and telecommunications plants.
"Xtralis is dedicated to delivering innovative, intelligent, and most reliable solutions for some of the toughest perimeter security applications,” commented Mr. Jorg Tilkin, Vice President Security Systems of Xtralis. “i-LIDS of the UK Home Office is among the most difficult security certifications worldwide to achieve, and we’re pleased that IntrusionTrace successfully gained this status so quickly. At Xtralis we are committed to independent verification and certification of our solutions as we are confident they are the best in the market,” added Tilkin
Xtralis IntrusionTrace is downloadable intrusion detection analytic for the FastTrace 2/2X that enables primary detection for operational use in sterile zone applications. IntrusionTrace virtually eliminates false alarms, allowing operators to monitor more sites with greater accuracy. IntrusionTrace can be remotely configured and running in minutes without the necessity of sending a technician to the customer site. Subscription licenses are available and once a license is purchased, it can be easily and remotely moved to any FastTrace 2/2X platform in your security domain.