Product recall ordered for certain System Sensor Low Frequency Sounders

March 15, 2024
Honeywell recalls L-Series fire alarm sounders and strobes that may provide low volume or no sound output

Honeywell has identified an issue that could affect sound output on System Sensor L-series low-frequency sounders and strobes for residential apartments and commercial buildings.

Products affected include models HWL-LF, HWL-LF-BP10, HRL-LF, HRL-LF-BP10, HGWL-LF-BP10, P2WL-LF with date codes 3034 and 3035. It has been found that these models could potentially have low or no sound output in the event of a fire alarm. According to the Honeywell and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 29,000 of these units will need to be replaced.

"Even if an issue wasn’t identified at the time of commissioning, this notification is a safety issue and should be addressed promptly and product replaced to avoid potential problems with system operations which may arise," Honeywell's recall alert states. "All products with models listed above and with manufactured date codes 3034 and 3035 should be replaced and returned. The warranty return policy for the products listed above will be honored and those products and date codes listed above should be returned through normal channels."

Honeywell will offer reimbursement of reasonable expenses with the return of a Certificate of Compliance, which was included in the bulletin with instructions. Visit for details.