Xtralis solution ensures fire safety at Beijing Games

Aug. 5, 2008
VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection System to protect Olympic venues, city infrastructure

Xtralis, a leading provider of intelligent fire detection and security solutions, today announced that its VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) system has been deployed in a variety of locations across the city of Beijing to help protect athletic venues, mass transit systems, tourist attractions and critical infrastructure facilities slated for use in the 2008 Olympic Games.

The Xtralis VESDA system combines advanced, proactive air sampling smoke detection technologies to effectively protect large open areas with potentially high dilution of smoke, providing superior performance over conventional point detectors. VESDA detectors integrate easily with existing fire alarm and building management systems and can be deployed across a diverse range of operating environments.

"From the time they step off the plane in Beijing, athletes, visitors, and members of the media will be protected by VESDA throughout their entire Olympics experience," said Samir Samhouri, President and CEO of Xtralis. "VESDA's unique ability to detect the earliest presence of smoke will protect some of Beijing’s key buildings and critical parts of the mass transit systems and help preserve the safety of these historic Olympic games."

VESDA ASD systems will protect sites throughout Beijing including:

Beijing International Airport – VESDA will protect luggage systems, hallways and maintenance facilities in Beijing International Airport’s Terminal 3, the largest airport building in the world, covering more than 1 million square meters.

Beijing Mass Transit System – VESDA will ensure safety at the Beijing South Train Station, the largest train station in Asia and the starting point for the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. VESDA will also protect platforms, switching facilities and railway cars in the rapidly expanding Beijing Metro system connecting the urban and suburban districts of Beijing Municipality.

2008 Beijing Olympic Venues – VESDA will protect switch rooms, data centers, maintenance facilities and large open spaces at Olympic venues including the 90,000-seat Beijing National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, Beijing National Aquatics Center “Water Cube”, 18,000-seat Wukesong Basketball Center, Olympic Communications Center, Olympic Press Center, and the Live TV Tower.

Beijing Tourist Attractions – VESDA will protect national treasures housed in the new seven story Beijing Museum, as well as in buildings and facilities within the former Chinese Imperial Palace known as the Forbidden City.