System Sensor Adds Mini-Horns to SpectrAlert Advance System

June 18, 2007
Mini-horns offer high or low-volume, temporal and non-temporal tones

St. Charles, IL – System Sensor is introducing its Mini-Horns, the latest release in its newest series of audible/visible notification appliances, SpectrAlert(R) Advance.

The Mini-Horns are ideal for hotel, motel or residential fire system applications, where a smaller notification device is desired. The Mini-Horns, which measure only 4.6 inches long, 2.9 inches wide, and less than 1/2-inch deep, feature 12- or 24-volt operation.

System Sensor's Mini-Horns offer temporal and non-temporal tones, and are the only ones in the industry to offer both high- and low-volume settings.

These small footprint horns can be mounted to single gang back boxes for aesthetically sensitive applications. Synchronization is provided when using System Sensor's MDL module. The Mini-Horns can operate between 32 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit from a regulated DC or full-wave rectified, unfiltered power supply.

Like all products in the SpectrAlert(R) Advance portfolio, the Mini-Horns are easy to specify, configure and install. The Advance series contains wall-mount horns, strobes, horn/strobes, chimes and chime strobes, as well as ceiling-mount strobes and horn/strobes.