Gamewell-FCI Introduces Graphical Annunciator for Fire Systems

May 7, 2007
Touch-screen unit provides immediate emergency response information for fire alarm system

NORTHFORD, CT – Honeywell's Gamewell-FCI has developed an NGA (network graphic annunciator) that provides immediate emergency response information on an intuitive, touch-screen display. Capable of displaying more than 500 different text messages, the NGA saves precious response time by providing information on the source of alarms, along with applicable emergency contacts, hazardous material storage areas and more.

Mounted to the front of a Gamewell-FCI E3 Series FACP (fire alarm control panel) or in multiple remote locations, the NGA offers building managers and first responders a tighter level of fire system monitoring and control. Numerous NGAs can be networked with the E3 Series expandable emergency evacuation system and placed in effective locations such as building entrance ways and security and maintenance offices.

Offering touch-screen controls and common menu options, the NGA interface is as user-friendly as your typical ATM machine. Up to 512 text messages, 75 characters in length can be preprogrammed via the NGA using a variety of eight different fonts and colors. Unlike any other fire system annunciator, NGA's robust text messaging capabilities allow users to preprogram important information to be displayed during various alarm incidents.

For example, if a system monitoring an area containing hazardous materials detects an alarm condition, the NGA can display one or more text messages connected to that event type in bold, red font stating who to call, the area's exact contents and/or appropriate evacuation procedures. The NGA's intuitive design negates the need for first responders and building managers to have extensive programming knowledge to determine the source of alarms, current system status, off-normal conditions, and emergency response information. Gamewell-FCI built the NGA to provide that information automatically.

Reviewing the system's history log is easy given the NGA's intuitive menu format. When performing maintenance work or fire alarm testing, the NGA also provides a quick way to disable/enable any initiating or annunciation devices.

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