Linear introduces UL-Listed, battery-operated, wireless CO detector

Feb. 12, 2008
New wireless DXS-80 carbon monoxide detector integrates with Linear's wireless receivers and PERS, DVS or most manufacturer's alarm panels

ORLANDO, Fla. -- At the 2008 International Builder Show this week, Linear LLC, an innovator in the RF security market, will unveil the DXS-80, the first carbon monoxide (CO) detector that is UL listed and fully battery operated with a built-in RF transmitter. This industry innovation marks the first time a UL-listed wireless, battery-operated CO detector has been offered for residential use. And this CO detector not only sounds a local alarm when dangerous CO levels are present, but it can be integrated into most third-party manufacturer's alarm system, with the addition of a Linear DX receiver, to alert the authorities and summon assistance.

These battery-operated, RF-based CO detectors are easy to install and ideal for retrofit applications where pulling cable is a challenge. The DXS-80 also is ideal for hard-to-wire environments, such as a basement or crawlspace. And since it can be integrated into most alarm panels, with the addition of a Linear DX receiver, the DXS-80 can be added to the home security system for maximum protection. Designed to be installed like smoke detectors, multiple DXS-80 CO detectors can be installed to protect residents from carbon monoxide poisoning anywhere in the house. The Linear DXSR-1504 wireless receiver can support up to four wireless DXS-80 CO detectors from a single receiver, and the Linear DXSR-1508 receiver can support up to eight DXS-80 CO detectors.

The DXS-80 is being offered as a stand-alone CO detection unit with built-in transmitter, or bundled with the DXR-702 receiver in the DX-COKIT. The DXS-80 stand-alone unit is compatible with the Linear PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) consoles, or the Linear DVS and DUAL alarm panels, as well as the Linear DXR-702, DXSR-1504 and DSR-1508 wireless receiver units. The DX-COKIT can be connected to most third-party manufacturer's alarm panels.

“We believe the DXS-80 is unique as the only wireless CO detector that is battery operated and UL listed, and it can be connected to virtually any alarm system,” said Chuck Stevens, VP of Marketing for Linear. “This new safety product is the ideal product for field installers, giving them maximum flexibility and ease of installation, no matter what the situation. We think dealers and consumers will love our new CO detector, whether they plan to use it as an extension of a central alarm system or as a stand-alone safety device.”

The DXS-80 is an electrochemical CO detector, which uses a chemical reaction to assess CO concentration in the air. The electrochemical CO detection method is proven to be effective, conserves power (so the batteries will outlast the life of the unit) and has a faster recovery time with greater stability than other CO detection methods. The DXS-80 is ideal for variable environments that are subject to CO concentrations. There are more than one million detectors using the electrochemical detection method already installed in the field worldwide. The DXS-80 is powered by a 3-volt lithium battery that can power the unit for up to six years, which is the serviceable life of the DXS-80.

The DXS-80 is easy to install since it is self-contained and battery operated. No field coding is required, since each DXS-80 is factory set to a unique code, and there are over one million possible code combinations. And to connect the wireless receiver to most third-party manufacturer's alarm system is a simple two-wire connection.

The suggested list price for the DXS-80 is $130.00, and the DX-COKIT is $186.67.