Talk-A-Phone Introduces New Solar-Powered Emergency Tower

Oct. 12, 2005
Model incorporates solar panel for remote locations, can integrate with cellular or RF or VoIP-RF communications

Talk-A-Phone’s Solar Powered Emergency Tower, Model ETP-MT/R OPT, is security of tomorrow, today! These towers are designed to integrate with a cellular or radio frequency (RF), including VoIP-RF, providing a reliable, completely wireless Emergency Phone Station for locations where local power is not available.

The system operates completely off of a solar powered battery that is attached to a Solar Panel. It works by powering the system throughout the night, and recharging throughout the day. The Solar Tower is perfect for securing a facility’s outside perimeters and remote locations, such as parking lots, walking paths, and bicycle lanes where there is an added, and often over-looked, threat to personal security and Building Manager Liability.

Having these towers benefits any facility’s building performance and satisfaction. The tower’s high visibility and bright, LED-based blue light/strobe constantly reminds and reassures facility employees, attendants, and patrons of the added security measures in place for their well-being and safety.

The ETP-MT/R OPT SOLAR Emergency Tower stands 10’4” tall and is constructed of .25” of steel with multiple layers of rust-inhibitive coating, weighting in at 410lbs. Talk-A-Phone offers the tower in a variety of different colors and lettering.