STI Introduces New Stainless Steel Smoke Detector Protection Cage

Sept. 20, 2005
Protective cage is designed for food facilities and industrial operations

Safety Technology International (STI) is announcing a heavy-duty 9-gauge stainless steel wire guard to protect smoke detectors in applications involving food facilities such as restaurants, commercial kitchens, food processing, water treatment plants and many other uses. It is called Stainless Steel Web Stopper because it incorporates a patented web-like octagon shape that simulates a spider’s web for added strength.

This easy to install Stopper allows the LED indicator on the protected smoke detector to remain clearly visible. For added protection against abuse, tamper resistant hardware is available.

STI guarantees the guard for a lifetime against breakage in normal use. A variety of wire guards are available for motion detectors, emergency lights, clocks, etc.

STI is online at