New Jersey Institute of Technology Teams with Siemens for Fire Safety

Aug. 17, 2005
Siemens creates multiplexed, distributed-intelligence fire detection system with a voice evacuation function for NJIT

NEWARK, N.J. -- Recent tragic events at colleges and universities around the country have led to safety checks and surveillance regarding fire detection systems.

At the New Jersey Institute of Technology, an upgraded fire detection and protection system of networked smoke detectors and sprinklers has been installed. This state of art safety network was completed in January of 2005.

Mike Thompson, Plant Engineer at NJIT said, "Our original dormitory went up in 1979. The oldest dorm has two battery-powered detectors in every room, interfacing with a common Siemens 3 zone-type smoke detection system in hallways and stairwells. The System 3 activation notifies the campus police. Our newest dorm just completed brings the school's bedroom capacity to 1,500 students."

All dorm buildings are fully sprinklered and completely protected with early warning smoke detectors. The newest building has addressable detectors in every room, interfaced with an audio base. A single-detector stimulus in a dorm room wakes the occupants and transmits the signal to campus police.

The NJIT philosophy is to contain the source of alarm and cope with it locally, if possible. Either stand-alone or networked smoke detector systems in every building alert dorm personnel, who respond with hand-held extinguishers to the first room alarm.

If the stimulus continues and sprinklers are activated, or if a smoke detector is triggered in any common space, a general alarm condition requires the total evacuation of the building and the multiplexed system immediately notifies campus police.

Protected by Siemens
Twenty-two of the NJIT campus buildings are protected by fire alarm systems from SIEMENS (Florham Park, NJ).

All new buildings and all ongoing upgrades have been standardized with SIEMENS MXLV systems with FirePrint(TM) detectors, or the smaller IQ system.

Details of the fire alarm systems
The SIEMENS MXLV is a multiplexed, distributed-intelligence fire detection system with a voice evacuation function. These systems offer expandability, dependability and ease of operation and maintenance. Some of NJIT's MXLVs have tied-in printers.

Designed for optimum compatibility with the MXLV system Fireprint(TM) application-specific, intelligent smoke detectors are highly resistant to false alarming. By improving the validity of alarms through segregation and verification, these detectors successfully address many problems of unwanted alarms.

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