Motorola Solutions acquires IPVideo: an update

Dec. 18, 2023
Motorola Solutions said Tuesday that no major changes are planned for personnel or projects after its acquisition of IPVideo,

CHICAGO -- Motorola Solutions said Tuesday that no major changes are planned for personnel or projects after its acquisition of IPVideo, the Bay Shore, N.Y.-based creator of the HALO Smart Sensor and other fire and life safety products. 

The IPVideo business and sales teams will join Motorola Solutions' Enterprise Sales organization under John Kedzierski, Senior Vice President of the group.

IPVideo had just announced in November it was bringing in a new national sales manager, Frank Polidoro, and tech integration partner manager, Holley Hunt. Kedzierski said the company can't comment on the employment of specific employees. "However we can confirm IPVideo employees are joining Motorola Solutions and we are not planning on making any immediate changes," he said. 

The acquisition, announced Monday, "reinforces Motorola Solutions’ commitment to improving safety and security by offering end-to-end solutions with unique workflows," he said. 

"IPVideo adds the HALO sensor that is easy to deploy and operate for enterprises of all sizes. Motorola Solutions and IPVideo will continue to deliver security solutions that help create safer schools, safer hospitals, safer hotels and safer businesses."

There was some market specualtion that the HALO and SentryERS products were most highly sought after by Motorola. "We see both HALO and SentryERS as an opportunity to introduce additional detection solutions that help our customers protect people, property and places," Kedzierski said.

When asked if Motorola will continue evaluating similar acquisitions in 2024, he said, "As we build our business, we evaluate potential acquisitions based on strategic fit and synergies, risk and valuation. We are disciplined and rigorous in our valuation models and only invest in companies that have exceptional vision, people and technologies that align with our purpose."

The HALO Smart Sensor is a multifunctional safety and security device with built-in vape detection and air quality monitoring, gunshot detection, abnormal noise and motion detection and emergency keyword detection.

In areas where cameras and video security solutions are not suitable, such as restrooms, classrooms, hospital rooms and hotel rooms, the HALO Smart Sensor can improve situational awareness and extend the perimeter of security while protecting privacy.

"We are excited to join Motorola Solutions and look forward to strengthening the innovative solutions we deliver to our customers,” said David Antar, president, IPVideo. “Together, we will continue investing in and building upon Motorola Solutions’ leading safety and security ecosystem, equipping customers with advanced ways to protect their people and enhance their operational insights.”

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.