Avoiding Threat Fatigue in the Airport Environment

Aug. 15, 2006
To making airport security and safe travel a priority, it's time to start thinking differently!

In response to recent events in the world, New York-based Global Security Associates, LLC, is advising its clients to stay vigilant in a constant changing political climate. The company is focusing on providing constant updates to clients who are traveling around the globe, under their care, as well as providing security guidance and new approaches to those that rely on their consulting services.

“Our security programs are always being modified to meet the demands of a world in flux. While at all times we are vigilant, now is a time of increased vigilance and our clients are relying on us for guidance,” states William McGuire, president and CEO of Global Security Associates, headquartered in Mineola, NY.

Whenever the risk is greater the focus turns to our nations airways. “The greatest threat to aviation security is complacency. As soon as the aviation industry takes its focus off security and reducing its priority in the overall strategy, terrorists and others with sinister intentions will strike,” explains Victor Anderes, emergency response director for GSA. According to Anderes, the greatest challenge for aviation security stakeholders is to manage threat fatigue. The industry is constantly reminded that they operate at a higher level of threat and therefore there is a tendency to let the guard down if there are no incidents. “We are dealing with a patient foe, they will wait decades if necessary to identify the right opportunity to strike,” says Anderes.

Working with its aviation clients, the company takes a holistic approach—each and every aircraft is treated as a sterile entity and maintained that way. The company uses proprietary security technology they developed to ensure that this remains the case. It is a simple philosophy which they practice with all clients that security happens on the ground when the aircraft is most exposed. Ironically, the aircraft is at its safest when it is cruising 35,000 feet. On the ground security programs must be comprehensive and address all components of each unique potential situation.

The company’s aircraft security program also focuses on the unpredictable nature of preparing for the worst; training for this is crucial. For clients under their watch and guidance, security programs are being monitored while all plans, procedures, equipment and personnel are all adaptable at a moments notice.

Global Security Associates, LLC, (GSA) is among the world’s leading security firms providing protection for small and large events and personal protection to the entertainment, diplomatic, and corporate worlds using U.S. government training protocol. GSA has also been a major security supplier to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and international clients at locations in Europe, the Caribbean, North & Central Africa, South Africa, South America, Mexico, Asia and the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

GSA most recently provided the personal protection for clients who attended the 2006 Olympic Games in Turino, Italy; responsible for the protection details of the 60th Anniversary of the U.N. General Assembly and the implementation of the security protocol for Dulles International Airport during the 2005 Presidential Inauguration.

William McGuire, president and CEO of the company, has spent nearly two decades in the security industry. McGuire is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), the National Cargo Security Council (NCSC), and the International Association for Counter-terrorism & Security Professionals.