Hydro Dam in Iran Uses IP Video System with Wireless Surveillance

Feb. 9, 2007
Surveillance system allows for monitoring of an ACTi speed dome at the dam

ACTi IP surveillance system is successfully installed in Galabar Dam in Iran. Under PFN Technology's consultancy, planning and implementation, the IP surveillance system enables Zanjan Water Authority to remotely monitor the construction of Galabar Dam project from the 500Km-away headquarter office in Tehran.

For project management and security reasons, ACTi's IP speed dome, CAM-6220PE, is implemented at Galabar Dam to provide video monitoring of the construction activities and progress in real time. The video is transferred by a wireless network link to a local control room. Then it will be transferred through satellite bandwidth to the company headquarter in Tehran. With the power of WLAN and Satellite network, CAM-6220PE can be managed and controlled locally or remotely by the video management software, ACTi Streaming Activator.

The main reason to choose ACTi's IP surveillance system is because it can provide DVD like video quality at 25 frame per second and because of ACTi's technology of MPEG-4 video compression, the video streaming performs well in the critical satellite bandwidth. It's the most reliable and cost-effective solution to achieve such critical mission.

According to Mr. Farzaneh, Managing Director of PFN Technology, "We are proud of the total solution of ACTi's IP surveillance system. Combining with our wireless network products, we can fulfill our client's critical demands. Remote monitoring is specially required by Zanjan Water Authority since they need to observe the project in any time. The project manager of Galabar Dam is very happy about viewing the details of the construction even he is 500 KM away."