NFID Foundation launches to establish decentralized identity in the security industry

March 29, 2024
The Foundation will focus on unlocking new possibilities of transparency, trust, and privacy by establishing and maintaining a verifiable data registry designed specifically for the security industry.

The NFID Foundation, a non-profit consortium dedicated to promoting Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) within the security industry, is thrilled to announce its official launch. This pioneering initiative is set to unveil on April 2nd, 2024, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technologies.

The launch event is open to all security industry professionals. By attending the launch event, participants will gain first-hand insights into the transformative potential of SSI technologies in the security industry.

Empowering the Security Industry with SSI

The NFID Foundation, with its diverse array of founding members, including prominent companies in semiconductor, access control, biometrics, and lock manufacturing, seeks to revolutionize the ways we perceive and manage digital identities. The Foundation will focus on unlocking new possibilities of transparency, trust, and privacy by establishing and maintaining a verifiable data registry designed specifically for the security industry.

"The NFID Foundation is poised to play a critical role in facilitating the broad adoption and standardization of SSI across the security industry, addressing the unique needs of physical security applications and IoT devices," says Kabir Maiga, CEO at PassiveBolt & Founder of the NFID Foundation.

The NFID Foundation builds upon the work of leading self-sovereign identity standards bodies like W3C, DIF, ToIP, and the OpenWallet Foundation. The Foundation recognizes a need for specialized attention to firmware and microcontroller implementations, whereas the current standards bodies are primarily focused on web implementations. By aligning its insights and expertise to the unique requirements of the security industry and IoT, the NFID Foundation seeks to bridge this gap.

Felix Putz of LEGIC shares his vision: “As a founding member, LEGIC is thrilled to contribute to the NFID Foundation. Our goal within the Foundation is to establish NFID’s Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) principles in physical access control, smart living, and mobility ecosystems. SSI will emerge as a pillar of excellence supporting secure digital identities in a world under ever-increasing security threats.”

Join the Foundational Movement

The Foundation cordially invites companies within the security industry to join as founding members, seizing the opportunity to shape the future of digital identity. Founding members will play a pivotal role in steering the development, adoption, and implementation of cutting-edge specifications optimized for the security industry, including access control systems, biometrics, and physical security applications.

"With the NFID Foundation's launch, we are setting a new standard in digital identity management. This initiative is crucial for the security industry, enabling unprecedented collaboration, innovation, and protection in our increasingly connected world. We invite industry leaders to join us as founding members, shaping the future of secure digital identities together," says Zachary Klares, VP at PDQ.

Manish Dalal, President and Founder of ZKTECO USA, highlighted the forward-thinking aspect: “There are endless innovative ways to use this technology to improve security and privacy in the security industry.”

Sal D’Agostino of IDmachines and Surveillance Trust, an industry veteran, subject matter expert, and Founding Member, said “the creation of the NFID Foundation is exciting, needed, and timely. We look forward to working together with Kabir and the NFID team to meet the challenges of delivering access, and security solutions, in a world where decentralized governance, and identifiers, personal data control, and authorization from consent are the default and the norm.”

Exclusive Benefits for Foundation Members

Members of the NFID Foundation receive numerous benefits, including the ability to:

  1. Influence the strategic direction and development of the SSI ecosystem within the security industry.
  2. Collaborate with industry leaders to drive innovation, standardization, and adoption of secure, privacy-centric identity solutions.
  3. Access to exclusive resources, tools, and certifications designed to enable companies with the latest in SSI technology.
  4. Leverage the NFID Blockchain to develop and deploy advanced solutions that meet the rigorous demands of security-focused applications.

Rahul Parthe, Chairman and CTO at Tech5, expresses his enthusiasm: “We at TECH5 are thrilled to be a part of the NFID Foundation, as it enables us to create an all-inclusive digital ID ecosystem. The widespread adoption of digital IDs is essential, and having a platform that bridges the gap between physical and logical access makes it possible. We will collaborate closely with NFID to unlock its potential in the civil ID industry and beyond.”


Lee Odess, of the Access Control Executive Brief and a thought leader in the security industry, articulates the need for engagement: "As our industry undergoes a digital transformation and moves from a cottage industry to a mainstream one, it is crucial to support and engage with cutting-edge technologies, groups, and individuals. Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), NFID, and its members embody this drive for innovation."

Security industry companies and professionals interested in attending the launch event can sign up here or reach out to [email protected] to inquire about becoming a founding member. The launch event will offer a platform for stakeholders to engage, collaborate, and contribute to a future where digital identity safeguards and enhances the security ecosystem.