Time for Football

Nov. 25, 2008

Excuse me as I exercise my right to talk about football--just once--in this coveted space. And of course, it has to do with the Chicago Bears, that love 'em or leave 'em team in the Windy City. Here's the juxtaposition: an interview with Kyle Orton and another interview with Rex Grossman, right after Orton was injured. When Rex Grossman was talking about playing for Orton, he kept talking about himself. "I feel I'm ready; I'm going to do my best, blah, blah, blah." In Orton's interview, he didn't use the "I" word once. He said: "The team is the most important thing; we are working together, blah, blah, blah." No offense (pun intended) suggested with the series of blahs. But my point is that clearly Grossman is not as much a team player as Orton. Orton wasn't worried about his injury; he was concerned about when he would be able to help his teammates. My point is: Are you a team player? Do you help out when you can? This sense of community and camaraderie will surely lead to more business and a better reputation, i.e., fuel referrals. It sure raised the status of Kyle Orton in my book. -- Deborah O'Mara, SD&I magazine