July 19, 2011
insights into integration

When William Shakespeare wrote “As You Like It,” and many other plays perhaps, he was way ahead of his time, especially as he coined that now famous phrase—“All the World’s a Stage—And We are the Players.”

The Bard of Avon was apropos, even in the late 1500 to early 1600s when he wrote most of his stage plays; if only we had the insights he had back then. Because today, the security integration community is our stage, but we need the right ‘players’ to achieve rave reviews, aka, success.

For small business owners today, it’s tough; tougher than ever. According to our own State of the Industry research (developed through subscriber surveys from SD&I magazine in 2010 to 2011 with a 95 percent confidence level) some 55 percent of our readers have between one to 10 employees; small business owners indeed. You’re stretched, trying to hold off on releasing employees because the jobs just aren’t coming as quickly as they need to; because the taxes, regulations and other pressures dangle before you. But you just can’t let go—of these workers who have become friends, confidants, dedicated employees who keep coming back day after day even when perhaps their personal lives lie in disarray.

Here’s another interesting statistics from our exclusive research: some 87 percent of those surveyed respondents say they are the people or one of the people who decides what products their organization will sell and install.

So let’s get back to the Shakespeare analogy. Since the world is our stage, are you deciding the right products and services to sell, with the emphasis on services? Because you know that you can’t make the margins you need or want to stay afloat by selling ‘boxes’ alone anymore and you must embrace this fact. But there is more to this story. You know of the shift to services and value-add propositions, but you also know that you might not have the business acumen you need, the prowess to turn quickly on ‘stage’ and address new competition, new ideas, with newfound righteousness.

With that in mind, we have new editorial to get you to land that role you so desire—success. Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA Security Network has his first starring role in our issue this month, under the Insider Intelligence moniker, see page 10. Bozeman talks about the different types of integration models commonplace in the industry. He gives insights into how the most successful companies are those which not only know the technical side of the business but give ample play to strategy, business plans and the balance sheet—they have the vision to make it happen. Watch for more insights from Bozeman in coming months.

Legal columnist Eric Pritchard offers other business sense, on page 16, and explains to readers about risk and re-allocating it in contracts, see page 16. The future is also here within the pages of SD&I magazine. Take a look at our Emerging Markets cover focus starting on page 18, where biometrics, a fusion of technologies and mobile video reigns supreme. Clamoring for new products? We’ve got the scoop on the latest entrants into the marketplace and refinements, starting on page 56. Be sure to check out the table of contents on pages 4 and 6 for more exclusive editorial you won’t want to miss.

We may not all be followers of Shakespeare, but let’s give the Bard his due. All the world’s a stage, and we can be the successful players, if we look to the future and act now.

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