Genesis Security Systems Assists Clients in Making the Migration from Analog to Digital Video Surveillance

Feb. 5, 2013
Turnkey provider of integrated security systems shares the secrets of taking advantage of digital video security technology as they are upgrading to Windows 7

Germantown, MD – February 5, 2013- While companies know they must upgrade to Windows 7 this year as Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP, Genesis Security Systems, LLC  notes that the time is also right for another IT migration – Analog to Digital IP Video.

 “As the number of manufacturers making and supporting analog cameras and recording equipment dwindles, and with the majority of analog recording equipment reaching the end of its five-year useful life, 2013 is the year to upgrade to IP cameras,” says Genesis Senior Vice President Alan Kruglak. “Since many firms are also upgrading to Windows 7, upgrading cameras and operating systems now means less disruption.”

Genesis has helped enough clients migrate their security systems from analog to digital that they know the pitfalls: “You don’t have to throw out your entire existing investment and start from scratch, but it isn’t as simple as swapping out analog cameras for digital,” noted Genesis Senior Vice President Alan Kruglak. “There’s a smart way to do it, and a smart way to take advantage of the higher resolution and other capabilities that IP cameras offer.”

 As the leading turnkey provider of integrated security systems, Genesis has helped many clients, including some of the world’s best known companies, organizations and agencies, upgrade from analog to digital while leveraging their investment in equipment and IT. The key: utilize as much of the existing IT infrastructure as possible, including cabling, and upgrade cameras as budget allows.

 To make the transition smooth and cost-effective, Kruglak recommends that companies start with a Hybrid DVR (HDVR) solution that employs both analog and IP technology, a proven technology that was introduced in 2010.

 Why the HDVR is a solution for the present and the future:

 Genesis’ clients have found that an HDVR can help them leverage their investment in video surveillance technology while preparing for the future. According to Kruglak, the benefits are many:

 •     Can manage both older analog and new digital IP cameras, so companies can replace analog cameras when they fail or as budget allows;

•     Occupies only 2U of rack space, making it an easy fit in IT closets, and includes 16 analog inputs for older cameras, as well as digital I/O for IP cameras;

•     Uses some of the easiest-to-use video management platforms on the market;

•     Integrates with the Software House access control platform;

•     Easily integrates with a Windows 7 network, which means minimal downtime and makes adding more IP cameras in the future plug and play.

 Integrating video monitoring with an existing IT infrastructure, according to Kruglak, also means a more efficient Security Control Center and more effective monitoring, whether from within a facility or remotely. “Digital video camera technology isn’t the future,” he noted. “It’s the present. The time to make the switch is now.”