Auto-Resetting Lifetime Warrantied AC Transformers from ELK

April 26, 2017

For over 16 years, professionals have trusted ELK’s AC transformers for their reliable performance. Auto-resetting PTC overload protection prevents transformers from being blown by a short or overloaded circuit, saving installers time and the cost of a new transformer. Simply remove the short/overload to re-start. Built-in wire strain relief prevents intruders from pulling wires loose from the transformer terminals. A green LED indicator provides visual confirmation of power output. An electrical outlet mounting tab allows the transformer to be securely attached to the outlet. ELK transformers also feature a grounding prong and terminal. ELK’s AC transformers are UL listed, RoHS compliant and have a hassle-free LIFETIME warranty. ELK-TRG1640 is rated at 16.5VAC, 45VA, while ELK-TRG2440 is rated at 24VAC, 40VA.