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Mike Howard currently is President of Howard Consulting Services, LLC, a security consulting and mentoring firm based out of Las Vegas Nevada. Howard is the former Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Microsoft Corporation.
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Selfish vs. Selfless – The Choice is Yours

March 7, 2022
In my book, “The Art or Ronin Leadership,” one of the themes I talk about is how leaders need to be “selfless” in their approach to leadership in dealing with their teams. Selflessness...
Steve Lasky, editorial director
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Remember Cybersecurity When Setting a Hospital Security Plan

March 7, 2022
I recently had a conversation with the head of security for a major healthcare organization in the Southwest U.S. as our staff prepped for the magazine’s current issue. We had...
Tim Grelling is the Director of Innovation, Security at Core BTS.

5 Steps to Rapidly Recover From a Cyber Attack

March 7, 2022
As the recent breach of 50 million T-Mobile users’ data made clear, today’s organizations are more vulnerable than ever to data breaches. During the pandemic, cyberattacks with...
Ray Bernard
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Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Security Risk

Although some companies, mostly large global and national businesses, have their act together when it comes to assessing the state of the company they are buying or merging with...
John McCumber
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Game of Certs

March 7, 2022
We’ve all seen the profiles on LinkedIn, on resumes, and on a speaker’s title slide. It looks something like this: John McCumber, [CERT], BS, MBA, [CERT], [CERT], [CERT], [CERT...

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The endgame of this holistic approach to security is to provide a continuous level of protection.
Access & Identity

What Is a Holistic Access Control Approach?

March 7, 2022
An integrated and holistic strategy for physical security is more than a buzzword
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“Autonomous Remote Services,” or ARS, is a new paradigm that’s available and ready for implementation by guarding companies and end-users today.

Strategies for an Affordable Force Multiplier

March 7, 2022
Organizations are considering the concept of Autonomous Remote Services for guard needs
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Data and analytics are driving access control and physical security technology advancement.
Video Surveillance

Data-driven Physical Security Solutions Driving Proactive Risk Strategies

March 7, 2022
How to traverse the new crossroads of AI-driven technologies, security and IT convergence and systems integration
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Networked security and surveillance systems represent the vast majority of IoT systems deployed around the world today.

Strategies to Help Navigate the Cyber-Physical Security Dilemma

March 7, 2022
Formulating a cyber-physical security plan begins by defining what assets need to be protected
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The detail required to make informed decisions is not something we can quickly accomplish.
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It All Starts With a Quality Risk Assessment

The process requires a thoughtful, detailed,and involved strategy, and is not something achieved using a checklist
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An insider threat occurs when a trusted individual leverages their position within a company to gain proprietary information/intellectual property that they take, sell or misuse.
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Technology, Transparency, Trust Keys to Controlling Insider Threats

March 7, 2022
Preventing insider threats require an awareness of the risks and mitigating them appropriately
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Violence committed against healthcare workers is not just pervasive, it’s on the rise.

An Assessment for Securing Hospital Staff and Nurses

In times of crisis healthcare, security leaders must seek innovative solutions to address workplace violence
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Healthcare workers today also face a host of new challenges given COVID, which has added to existing threats.
Protective Operations & Guard Services

Uptick in Violence is Concerning for Healthcare Security Sector

March 7, 2022
Facilities have to be more security-conscientious than ever before and need to know how to best invest in a security plan
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If AI can be described as a science, Deep Learning and Neural Networks (NN) use mathematical concepts and rapid estimations to approach independent reasoning.
Video Analytics

AI’s Evolution in the Security Industry Begins to Unleash Its Potential

March 7, 2022
End-users struggle to understand where to apply AI technologies and how to integrate them with human interaction