Allied Universal: how to keep the school year a safe one

Aug. 21, 2023
These safety tips are designed to ensure the well-being of students, families, faculty and staff this school year.

IRVINE, Calif. – Aug. 21, 2023 – As the new school year ramps up, Allied Universal,a leading security and facility services company, offers important safety tips for families and students.

With more than 60 years of expertise in the security industry, Allied Universal is a leading provider of security services for K-12 schools, campuses and higher education institutions. These safety tips are designed to ensure the well-being of students, families, faculty and staff this school year.

Higher Education Safety Tips:

  1. Be cautious online: Be careful what you share online – particularly on social media. Avoid sharing location details that can put you at risk. Be mindful of cyber threats, online bullying and inappropriate solicitations.
  2. Know your surroundings: Get to know the safest routes around campus, vary your routes and stick to well-lit, populated parts of campus. Be aware of people and situations around you. Listen to your gut if something or someone doesn’t feel right.
  3. Understand campus safety and security services: Be familiar with the security and safety services on campus. Know who to call in the event of an emergency and how to use security services such as escorts or shuttle services as needed.
  4. Secure living spaces: Take ownership of your personal space. Keep doors and windows secured. Never allow strangers or unauthorized visitors into the building or your room. Use approved entrances and exits for routine travel and emergency exits for emergencies, and never leave doors propped open.

K-12 Safety Tips:

  1. Teach personal safety: Empower your child to take steps to ensure their own safety such as understanding their surroundings, knowing where to find help, avoiding talking to strangers and knowing the basics of their school’s emergency plan.
  2. Discuss online safety: Teaching your child online safety rules is critical to keeping them and your family secure. Emphasize the importance of being careful about what they share online, particularly on social media and sharing details about their location.  Encourage them to share any online bullying and inappropriate solicitations they encounter.
  3. Understand safety protocols of your child’s school: Parents, guardians and students should be familiar with the safety protocols and programs in place and how to use them in situations like lockdowns, active assailant response and mental health and medical emergencies.
  4. Communicate with school administrators: Open, transparent dialogue between school administrators, parents, guardians and students is essential for safety awareness, response procedures and best practices.

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