New ASIS Book Addresses Legal Liabilities in Shoplifting Cases

May 12, 2006
'Shoplifting: Managing the Problem' address legal liability retailers face when combating customer theft
Alexandria, VA (April 14, 2006) - ASIS International, the preeminent organization for security professionals worldwide, is pleased to announce the publication of Shoplifting: Managing the Problem. The book -- written by John H. Christman, CPP and Charles A. Sennewald, CPP -- identifies and examines a new legal liability retailers are facing in combating customer theft, and provides practical insight on procedures to prevent shoplifting and handle perpetrators without inviting litigious backlash.

Specifically, the book addresses issues such as use of force, invasion of privacy, false arrest malicious prosecution and other "causes of action" which have proven to be the most problematic for retailers and their agents. In addition, the book explores the significant changes in loss prevention procedures over the past few years.

The book's authors are both nationally-recognized authorities on shoplifting and other forms of retail theft who have served as expert witnesses on both sides of such legal cases, making Shoplifting: Managing the Problem an essential read for everyone involved in any aspect of loss prevention.

As part of a special "pre-publication" promotion, Shoplifting: Managing the Problem is available for $33 to ASIS members and $47 for non-members until April 27, 2006. The price of the book after this promotion will be $42 for members and $59 for non-members.

Shoplifting: Managing the Problem may be ordered from ASIS Customer Service by calling 703-519-6200 and requesting item number 1682, or online at