Corporate Safe Specialists Announces Biometric Lock Initiative

June 22, 2007
Company links codes to open safes with biometric fingerprint reader for retailers, restaurants

POSEN, Ill., June 15 -- Corporate Safe Specialists (CSS) offers the retail and restaurant industries cash management solutions. For many businesses, the contents of a business safe are subject to employee theft. Loss prevention process failure is often found to be the sharing of electronic lock codes (or combinations). Biometric locks eliminate the possibility of code sharing by requiring a fingerprint scan for positive identification of the owner of the code.

With biometric locks customers no longer need to worry about losing, forgetting or sharing the combination or PIN to their safe. Customers can increase security with positive identification for safe access by combining a users fingerprint with a pin number. Employees' fingers are their codes and only those whose fingerprint has been registered can open the lock. Using state-of-the-art biometric technology, CSS locks are secure, fast and easy to use. Each lock is programmable with up to eight user codes limiting access to those who need it. In addition, the ability to set a time delay can be a strong theft and armed robbery deterrent.

All these features, coupled with outstanding customer service and live technical support when needed, provide our customers the capabilities and confidence required. Cash losses and internal theft are an unfortunate reality, and since 1988 CSS has been helping to make retail and restaurant establishments more secure. Whether customers require a new safe with a biometric lock or require a lock retrofit for an existing safe, CSS offers solutions for businesses large and small.

About CSS: Founded in 1988, CSS is an industry leader providing innovative security solutions to convenience stores, quick serve and fast casual restaurants, pharmacies and specialty retail stores globally. CSS safes, smart safes and kiosks feature electronic or biometric locks and can be configured to provide closed-loop cash management processes to minimize risk of theft. CSS is the only manufacturer of safes to offer 24/7 live technical support and has a U.S. service network that can provide on-site service within four hours.