ADI to Offer Bandit Solutions' Fog Security Systems

May 4, 2006
Bandit system 'blinds' burglars inside a dense fog cloud

PEABODY, Mass. – Security dealers have greater access to fog security products as a result of an agreement between Bandit Solutions and ADI, a leading distributor of security and low voltage products.

Intruders use the time between an alarm activation and law enforcement response to seize goods and escape, but the Bandit system closes this window of opportunity. The company’s flagship product, the Bandit 240 PB, provides the explosive power to stop a crime in progress, ejecting a harmless, dense fog at 1,000 cubic feet per second that blocks a would-be burglar’s vision.

“We’re excited about this relationship with ADI,” said Mario Costa, Bandit’s executive vice president. “With the agreement in place, Bandit Solutions has reached an important milestone – and an early validation of our strategic planning. Through ADI, we will be able to reach out to many more security professionals than we might have on our own in making fog security a ‘mainstream‘ product and an integral part of intrusion, video and access systems.”

Unlike other fog systems on the market, which are simple pump or aerosol-based devices, Bandit has only one moving part and is specifically designed to be more effective, durable and reliable. Bandit’s patented HY-3 Pack, a high-pressure (200psi) cartridge system, produces fog up to 10 times faster than a 12-volt pump – creating zero visibility in just three seconds, making it the most powerful and technically advanced fog security system available today.

With its unique on-board diagnostic software and event-logging capabilities, the Bandit 240 PB is the only fog security product that complements a remotely monitored alarm system. In addition, it is also the only fog security system that is completely configurable by a computer using Bandit Solutions’ PC Link.

“Bandit Solutions has already stirred quite an interest in the industry and our dealers have asked us to carry this enhanced level of protection,” said Scott Sturgess, ADI’s director of product marketing, intrusion and fire products. “ADI is pleased to partner with Bandit Solutions in spearheading the concept of fog security into the United States.”

Because it resembles an audio speaker, the Bandit Solutions system blends into any environment. It is especially recommended for customers who are most susceptible to “smash and grab” thefts, including jewelry stores, golf equipment shops, convenience stores, banks and computer retailers.

Bandit’s fog security is also ideal for use in areas where non-response policies are in place, or in any remote location that is far from responding authorities. Its use is not limited to commercial sites alone. Bandit can be deployed to protect sensitive areas at schools and universities, as well as in homes where valuables are kept.

In addition to the Bandit 240 PB, ADI will carry the full line of accessories, including a starter kit, the PC link, wall mount, swivel mount, wireless keyfob transmitter, wireless keyfob receiver and demo unit.

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