ADT Offers Retailers Interactive Loss Prevention Training

Sept. 23, 2006
Computer-based interactive training sessions provide easy way for employees to learn systems and procedures

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Sept. 25, 2006 -- ADT Security Services Inc. a unit of Tyco Fire & Security, today announced it will offer retailers computer-based interactive training covering a range of loss prevention topics including security systems training, loss prevention practices and workplace safety.

ADT's interactive scenario-based training solutions, which utilize software developed by Learn it Solutions, incorporate audio, video, text, graphics and animation to present real-world event simulations.

Rex Gillette, vice president of ADT's Retail Division, said this training process is designed to teach by visual example and uses video scenarios to place trainees in virtual situations where they must make decisions quickly. An incorrect response allows for automatic reinforcement of the lesson plan with additional scenarios.

"A loss prevention program is only as good as the individuals trained to implement it," Gillette said. "These interactive training sessions place retail employees in real-world situations and provide instant feedback on their decisions. Because the training is computer-based, employees have flexibility to complete the sessions at their own pace and as their schedule permits."

By design, the courses can be customized to fit the needs of each retailer. Each training course typically is introduced by a system host, who guides trainees through each section or lesson. Video scenarios consist of scenes in which an actor or group of actors play out a particular situation relative to the lesson plan. Review scenarios are also utilized to illustrate a situation to the trainee who is then challenged for the correct response in handling the example, based on what they have learned.

ADT's interactive training solutions are designed to require minimal network bandwidth, with video portions of the training housed on CDs or otherwise managed locally on a trainee's personal computer. Only text portions of the training move in real-time over a network. All course progress and results are communicated and maintained through an online learning management facility, enabling a retail organization to centrally monitor and track a trainee's progress and provide detailed reporting and analysis including the effectiveness of each learning module.

"Interactive Training eliminates many of the scheduling and coverage problems that plague traditional classroom-based training," Gillette said. "Students can learn any time and anywhere a computer is available."

Available courses from ADT include Basic Intellex Training, Advanced Intellex Training, EAS Training, Loss Prevention-Comprehensive, Loss Prevention-Advanced, Use of Force, Use of Handcuffs, Sensitivity Training, Safety in the Workplace and Bloodborne Pathogens Training, among others.