Scott Dunn appointed as SIA Board of Directors Chair

April 15, 2024
In his new role, Dunn will continue to promote educational and standards efforts, furthering the goal of advancing the physical security industry.

As the leading trade association for global security providers, SIA represents thousands of security decision-makers from 1500+ member companies. On behalf of its members, SIA advocates for pro-security industry policies and legislation at the federal and state levels, working to create open industry standards that enable integration, advance the industry through education, and increase access to global market opportunities.

With over 28 years of experience in the security and video surveillance market, Dunn works at Axis to drive business development of Axis Cloud Connected Services for customers and partners, along with working in close collaboration with the M&A team in Lund, Sweden. In his new role as SIA Board of Directors Chair, Dunn will continue to promote educational and standards efforts, furthering the goal of advancing the physical security industry.

Scott Dunn shares his thoughts below regarding his new appointment at SIA, and how his background with Axis lends itself to this role.

How long have you been involved with SIA and what’s led to your appointment as Board of Directors Chair? How does your expertise and role at Axis Communications lend itself to this role?

I have been on the SIA Board for over four years, previously holding the role of Treasurer and Chairman elect, and also served on the SIA Executive Committee.  My election to the Chair was based on my service and  vision of where the association should focus its efforts to best serve the industry and the larger membership. 

What are your goals or objectives as the newly appointed Board of Directors Chair?

The leadership team at SIA has aligned on our priority goals for the year ahead, which include:

  1. Bring enhanced value to SIA’s membership 
  2. Broaden the organization’s security technology thought leadership
  3. Continue efforts towards establishing a National Standard for School Security
  4. Enhance and expand SIA’s industry image to the public
  5. Expand SIA’s critical efforts in workforce development.

What priority initiatives is SIA focusing on in the coming year?

The goals highlighted above are SIA’s key priorities and initiatives. However, in a more tactical sense – for example, when it comes to broadening our security technology thought leadership platforms – we have initiatives in place that are geared towards various federal, state and local agencies who require education on forthcoming legislative efforts that could impact the future of the security industry and the technologies that are developing.  

Additionally, this education will be key for security practice leaders and IT professionals who need to make more informed decisions regarding these areas.

How is the organization’s vision, and the security industry at large, evolving to keep pace with technological development?

The security industry is becoming very much intertwined with the larger Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and AI technology evolution, yet, still has a strong – and independent – foundation within the ‘traditional’ security realm. 

The security industry continues to evolve to meet ever changing threats with a more holistic approach to risk management strategies. We are looking at ways to provide security professionals with the education and tools they need to successfully fulfill their mission. This means our mission to inform, advocate and educate our membership remains at the core of what we will focus on.

The SIA Board of Directors is comprised of industry professionals representing a broad spectrum of interests in the security industry. The full list of current board members can be found here.

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