Brinks guard accused of stealing restaurant's deposit

Nov. 4, 2008
Police say surveillance footage shows crime committed by armored car guard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A former Brinks security guard was arrested and is facing charges after investigators said he took some of the funds he was supposed to be transporting.

Terrance Walker, 23, is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the Hooter's restaurant at the Jacksonville Landing.

Although Brinks armored vehicles are bulletproof and designed to protect thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars inside, none of that matters when the thief is working inside the truck.

According to police documents, Walker was working for Brinks while picking up thousands of dollars of cash from Hooters. Police said Walker was caught on tape at Hooters as he "signed for three bags of money from Hooters but took four."

They said the man stole more than $4,500, and admitted the crime. Police said Walker wrote in a statement that he used the money "to take care of a few financial situations."

According to a police report, Brinks Security Insurance has already reimbursed Hooters and Walker has been fired.

Brinks managers did not want to speak about the incident on Wednesday, and calls to their corporate officer were not returned.

News of the theft came as a shock to patrons of the Landing who said they were surprised that a security guard would violate his employer's trust.

"Everybody has an expectation of an armored cars or vehicles driven by a responsible people who have some level of credibility that goes with a job," said Bill Collett at the Jacksonville Landing.

Police said not only was Walker caught on tape making the transaction, but they said they also found a Brinks security money bag in Walker's home.

Walker is being held at the Duval County Jail on $25,000 bond.

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