US Labor Department Seeks to Recover Wages for Airport Security Staff

March 17, 2006
$7.1M in back pay sought for Huntleigh USA security workers paid below average

The US Department of Labor has said that it is attempting to recover back pay for more than 7,000 airport security workers who were not paid their due after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks.

According to the Labor Department, administrative steps have been taken to recover USD7.1m in back pay. The more than 7,000 airport security employees were reportedly assigned to 39 airports across the country and worked for Huntleigh USA Corp. The Department said that the Huntleigh employees were paid wages below the average wages and benefits for their cities.

Huntleigh USA was unavailable for comment, Reuters reported.

In order to recover the money the Labor Department has filed a complaint and will be asking an administrative law judge for an order to make Huntleigh pay back wages. The company has reportedly so far refused to pay out the money.

Huntleigh USA was a contractor that provided airport security services.

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