GuardTrax helps reduce insurance costs

Feb. 11, 2009
GPS solution allows companies to determine whereabouts of security personnel

New technologies to track guards are eliminating the potential liabilities for the insured and their guard companies and cutting insurance costs.

Just recently, after a break-in at a large Catholic school in California, the guard had to prove that he was not only doing his designated rounds but why he wasn’t in the precise location at the time of the incident.

He was carrying a GuardTrax unit, a real-time GPS wireless guard management device, which reports the exact location of officers in real-time. Managers can review a record of the guard’s location at any time. In this case, the information was used to determine that the officer was correctly covering his shift, but was on the other side of the building, where he should have been.

Security firms, personnel and guard companies get fired or blamed for security breaches because they can’t always prove that officers were where they were supposed to be. This results in higher insurance costs for the customer and for the guard company.

By using new guard management technologies such as GuardTrax, companies can actually reduce their insurance premiums from any number of carriers, and be able to track the real time whereabouts of their security personnel who carry a Guardtrax device, using GPS internet mapping, and check the data later if the need arises.

Companies are seeking more ways to cut their insurance costs as well as manage their employees better and protect their assets. With the difficult economy, enhanced security should be of utmost concern to companies. Guards that are equipped with devices can be better managed and more efficient.