AFI International Buys Majority Ownership in IMAC

Sept. 20, 2007
Acquisition allows firms to serve clients' labor dispute and high-security needs in U.S. and Canada

AFI International Group, a Canadian firm that provides investigative and high-risk security services, has bought a majority interest in U.S. firm International Management Assistance Corporation (IMAC). IMAC has provided many similar services, including security for labor disputes, as AFI, and the companies have reportedly operated jointly on projects in the past.

"After 18 years of cross border business relations, we jointly decided that this acquisition was the best way to provide the unparalleled and consistent services our clients had been asking for," said AFI President and CEO Darrell Parsons in an announcement of the acquisition.

AFI's COO Peter Martin stressed that the synergies in terms of services, along with the need for geographic expansion, drove the acquisition.

"With the commonality of our clientele and the increased pressure to expand our operations into more countries, it only made sense to come together with IMAC: the biggest provider of labor dispute services south of the border," said Martin.

Both companies have offered labor dispute security services, business continuity services, investigative services and other security-related operations. AFI is on the web at; IMAC is online at