Axis launches explosion-protected thermometric camera and network horn speaker

April 15, 2024
The new camera enables remote temperature monitoring to optimize operational efficiency, with a detection range that can extend into Zone and Division 1 hazardous locations.

Axis is also announcing the upcoming launch of its first explosion-protected network horn speaker certified for use in Zone and Division 1 hazardous locations. The new network horn speaker increases health and safety applications, operational efficiency, and security across Zone/Division 1 and 2 areas with automatic alerts via network camera integration.

The new thermometric camera and horn speaker have been designed and manufactured by Axis to comply with international explosion-protected standards. 

The new products follow the Axis’ 2023 launch of the world's first explosion-protected camera specifically designed for Zone and Division 2 hazardous locations, and shows the commitment to expand its explosion-protected offering to further meet customers’ needs. 

AXIS Q1961-XTE Explosion-Protected Thermal Camera


The launch of AXIS Q1961-XTE, the world’s first thermometric camera specifically designed and certified for Zone and Division 2, makes temperature monitoring more accessible to Zone 2/21 and Class I/II/III Division 2 hazardous areas. Up to now, only Zone and Division 1 thermometric cameras have been available, making remote temperature monitoring within hazardous areas cost-prohibitive for many Zone/Division 2 areas.

AXIS Q1961-XTE also has the potential to monitor temperature within Zone/Division 1 hazardous locations, even when installed in a Zone/Division 2 area, as a result of the camera’s effective temperature detection range. This capability can decrease hardware costs for sites that currently rely on Zone/Division 1-certified thermometric cameras. 

The camera’s remote temperature monitoring and automated alert capability enhances operational efficiency by indicating advance warning of overheating equipment. This solution also increases the speed and effectiveness of response compared to using a handheld device, which relies on the manual observation of a specific spot at a specific time.

Making this capability accessible to Zone/Division 2 hazardous areas, operational processes within critical infrastructure and industrial environments, such as waste management and recycling, can be optimized and made safer. 

Compared to static thermometer sensors, the new Axis thermometric camera provides temperature readings across a wide area, giving comprehensive data about machine or application health. AXIS Q1961-XTE can also monitor the temperature of rotating machinery, like conveyors, and its alert algorithms ignore false alarms, such as vehicle exhaust emissions. 

Temperature readings from the different monitored zones are available in a metadata stream, providing access to temperature statistics over time that allows for trend monitoring. This can optimize operational efficiency by enabling preventative maintenance in reaction to early signs of temperature variations outside of an acceptable deviation, minimizing the potential of unplanned downtime. Operating as a temperature sensor, the camera can also maximize process efficiency by providing real time temperature data to a process control system. 

AXIS Q1961-XTE Explosion-Protected Thermal Camera can remotely monitor temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 350 °C (-40 °F to 660 °F). The camera provides automatic alerts if the temperature exceeds or falls below a set threshold, and it can send a notification if the temperature increases or decreases too rapidly. AXIS Q1961-XTE features 10 configurable detection areas with automatic alerts, and spot temperature readings can be taken anywhere within the camera’s field of view to identify exact temperatures in specific areas.

The camera’s image sensor is an uncooled microbolometer featuring 384x288 pixels, with a pixel size of 17μm in the 8-14μm spectral range. The athermalized lens features a 55° horizontal field of view and a focal length of F1.18. AXIS Q1961-XTE features a thermal accuracy of ±5 °C (±9 °F) below 120 °C (248 °F), and ±15% above 120 °C (248 °F). 

To protect sensitive information and help prevent unauthorized access, AXIS Q1961-XTE features Axis Edge Vault. This hardware-based platform safeguards the integrity of Axis devices from factory and enables the execution of secure operations based on cryptographic keys.

Like AXIS P1468-XLE Explosion-Protected Camera, the world’s first explosion-protected camera specifically designed for Zone and Division 2 hazardous locations, the new Axis thermometric camera includes electrical safeguards against arcs, sparks and overheating, plastic components with enhanced fire-retardant properties, as well as secure cable connections. 

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AXIS XC1311 Explosion-Protected Network Horn Speaker


AXIS XC1311 Explosion-Protected Network Horn Speaker, certified for hazardous areas including Class I Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D and Zone 1 IIC, Zone 21 IIIC, enables live, scheduled, and event-triggered voice messages. Network audio enhances health and safety applications, operational efficiency, as well as security, by making automatic audio alerts via network camera integration possible.

The network horn speaker improves the speed and effectiveness of audio warnings within hazardous areas, in conjunction with analytics-equipped network cameras, which provide remote monitoring and automated alerts.

Triggered by an analytics-equipped camera, AXIS XC1311 Explosion-Protected Network Horn Speaker can relay audio warnings about smoke detection and temperature changes as precursors to a fire risk. In addition, the new horn speaker can issue prerecorded reminders to wear personal protective equipment, such as hard hats, when its absence is detected. The audio device also improves security within hazardous areas by warning personnel, or intruders, about unauthorized location access. 

The horn speaker can relay messages such as real-time severe weather alerts, and can also be manually operated, issuing live instructions and individual audio messages to specific areas on the site. 

AXIS XC1311 Explosion-Protected Network Horn Speaker delivers audio messages with high volume and clarity, even in noisy environments. This is achieved with pre-configured digital signal processing that provides clear audio, combined with a built-in 7W Class D amplifier, giving a maximum sound pressure level of >110 dB at 1m. 

With simple audio management software preinstalled, AXIS Audio Manager Edge enables content management including message scheduling, as well as content prioritization to ensure urgent messages interrupt scheduled ones. With zone management, up to 200 speakers can be divided into 20 zones, and the included software also enables remote management including system health monitoring and testing. 

With a single cable for power and connectivity, the Axis network horn speaker is significantly faster to install, configure, and manage compared to an analog system. This approach reduces the total cost of ownership by minimizing the downtime required for installation. Without needing an analog system’s redundant system, and additional hardware or software, the digital horn speaker is an all-in-one, standalone device that also reduces the initial investment cost. 

To optimize cybersecurity, AXIS XC1311 also features Axis Edge Vault to prevent unauthorized access. 

The horn speaker’s explosion-protected design is achieved by encasing the electronics and power connections within an aluminum chamber. Like Axis explosion-protected cameras, the design and manufacture according to explosion-protected standards also requires full traceability of all critical components for 10 years. 

AXIS XC1311 will be available through Axis distribution channels in April 2024.