How to Ensure Your Legacy Physical Security System Keeps Pace

Feb. 21, 2024
Discover the key to unlocking the potential of outdated security systems in an era of rapid technological evolution. Join industry experts in this insightful webinar as they delve into retrofitting strategies, interoperability considerations, and the strategic infusion of cutting-edge technologies, empowering security professionals to revitalize and future-proof their physical security infrastructure.

This event was originally held on February 21, 2024
and is now available for on demand viewing.

Sponsor: Vicon
 1 Hour

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What you will learn

  • How to keep pace with technology
  • How to decide whether to rip and replace or apply a retrofit.
  • How to ensure a seamless technology transition
  • How to future-proof your physical security system
  • Why you need a solid project management team.

As the security landscape undergoes rapid advancements, many organizations grapple with legacy physical security systems that may fall behind in terms of functionality and effectiveness. This webinar aims to provide practical strategies for ensuring the seamless integration and enhancement of legacy systems to meet contemporary security demands. Industry experts will discuss retrofitting techniques, interoperability considerations, and the judicious incorporation of modern technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and IoT to breathe new life into existing security infrastructure.

Whether you're managing a large-scale facility or a smaller operation, security professionals must stay ahead of the curve to be able to maximize the potential of their security investments. This webinar offers valuable insights to empower you in navigating the complexities of upgrading and future-proofing your physical security systems.

Jeffrey A. Slotnick, CPP, PSP
Community Vice President, ASIS International
Board of Directors, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
Founder Safe Washington
United States Army Engineer Corp, CSM Retired

Mr. Jeffrey A. Slotnick, CPP, PSP, is an internationally known Enterprise Security Risk Consultant with over 28 years of experience. Jeff is peer-recognized as a “Thought Leader and Change Agent. He focuses on all Enterprise Security Risk Management facets, including quality management programs, risk, vulnerability, threat assessments, Emergency Response Planning, Business Continuity Planning, and Physical Security System Master Planning, Design, and Integration. As a curriculum developer and master trainer, Jeff advocates for quality professional development and training of security, and military personnel. He is a member of the North American Board for ASIS International, a Faculty Advisor for the University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Security Management Degree Program.Chair, Board of Advisors Robotic Assistance Devices

Jon Polly, PSP, IC3PM
Chief Solutions Officer
ProTecht Solutions Partners

Mr. Polly is the Chief Solutions Officer for ProTecht Solutions Partners, a security technology consulting firm that works with Smart Cities and Corporations to bring business intelligence and public safety through security IoT applications.  Mr. Polly has over 22 years of Physical and Electronic Security experience. He has a keen understanding of the security technology market and is frequently requested to consult for projects that require outside-of-the-box technology solutions.

Moderator: Steve Lasky
Editorial Director

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Vicon has been in the security solutions business for over 55 years, so we’ve had “legacy systems” in mind from the very beginning—it’s one of the many reasons we have so many repeat, long-term customers. We offer a cutting-edge unified security solution that includes access control, license plate recognition, award-winning cameras, and video management software—all in the Vicon portfolio. But we know your security challenges don’t end the second you install a security system—your concerns and vulnerabilities can change regularly, so Vicon’s solutions evolve and adapt to keep pace. Plus, our open platform lets us seamlessly integrate with technologies that help address new concerns as they arise. For example, should you decide it’s time to think about gun detection, or vape detection, or face recognition, or even new wireless locks…Vicon integrates with them all, and pulls all those valuable solutions together into a single, unified security management platform. And if you’re thinking about transitioning from an on-prem to a cloud-based solution, we’ve got you covered there, too.