How to Move Video Analytics Beyond Security into Business Operations

April 3, 2024
Join our webinar to explore practical strategies for harnessing advanced video analytics, revolutionizing decision-making across sectors, and discovering the transformative power of data-driven insights in shaping the future of business operations.

This webinar was originally held on April 3, 2024 and is now available for on demand viewing.

Sponsor: March Networks, & OpenEye
 1 Hour

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What You Will Learn:

  • How video analytics can help security teams respond to incidents more quickly and effectively
  • How video analytics can be used for predictive analytics, allowing surveillance systems to anticipate potential security threats
  • How AI-based video analytics allow surveillance systems to track and follow individuals or objects of interest
  • How video analytics can improve employee productivity
  • How video analytics can monitor compliance
  • How video diagnostic analytics help explain the “why” behind events that have occurred

Unlocking the potential of video analytics beyond traditional security applications and seamlessly integrating them into your business operations can help in managing day-to-day business operations or when monitoring an environment to get actionable insights. This real-time data allows organizations to make more informed decisions and understand not only what’s happening in each situation, but what may happen in the future.

In an era where data-driven insights are invaluable, advanced video analytics aid in innovative ways to leverage video analytics for operational efficiency, customer experience enhancement and business intelligence. The discussion will center around practical strategies for harnessing the power of video analytics to drive decision-making across diverse sectors, from retail and hospitality to manufacturing and smart cities. Discover how advanced analytics can offer not only security enhancements but also valuable data for optimizing workflows, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing overall business performance. This webinar provides a unique opportunity to explore the transformative potential of video analytics in shaping the future of business operations.


Jim Coleman
Former President
Operational Security Systems

Jim Coleman was President of Operational Security Systems, a regional security integrator, for 45 years. OSS was acquired by Convergint Technologies in May of 2017. Jim is past board chairman of Senior Citizens of Metropolitan Atlanta, a non-profit organization providing Meals-On-Wheels to the Atlanta area. He is a past president of SecurityNet, an association of top North American regional security integrators. Mr. Coleman holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jerry Cordasco
Employee-Owner and Director of the Fusion Center and GSOC Services
Tech Systems, Inc. (TSi)

Jerry Cordasco is an Employee-Owner and Director of the Fusion Center and GSOC Services at Tech Systems, Inc. (TSi), a customer service focused, employee-owned (ESOP) security systems integrator. His leadership at TSi has been pivotal in managing the organization’s Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), where he has excelled in both designing and staffing numerous GSOCs tailored for TSi’s clients individualized challenges.

With a career spanning over four decades in the Security and Life Safety Industry, Jerry’s expertise is recognized throughout the market. He has been an integral part of several standards and technical committees and is a respected voice, sharing his knowledge through lectures and papers at various national and international forums.

Before joining TSi in 2015, Jerry had a notable tenure at G4S. There, he played a crucial role as Chief Technology Officer, overseeing the operations of their Video Monitoring, Support, and Data Center in Burlington, MA. His visionary leadership extended to AMAG Technologies, a subsidiary of G4S, where he served as the Vice President of Global Product Management.

Jerry’s professional acumen is solidified by prestigious ASIS certifications, including that of a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Physical Security Professional (PSP), underscoring his extensive knowledge and commitment to excellence in the field.

         For more information on TSi, visit our website at  

Mike Gruber
Sales Leader – VsaaS Business Intelligence Solution
March Networks

Mike Gruber is a creative and resourceful sales leader who excels in building trusted relationships with customers, driving business growth and partnership development.

Mike leads the March Networks North America Restaurant Team – helping brands large and small to utilize video and data to enhance security, reduce loss, increase efficiencies, and protect against liabilities.

Moderator: Steve Lasky
Editorial Director

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March Networks works with some of the world’s largest banks and retailers, delivering secure, cloud-based intelligent video solutions, enhancing security, operational efficiency, and profitability through real-time business insights.

Through advanced integrations like point-of-sale (POS) systems and ATMs, we go beyond traditional video surveillance, empowering businesses of all sizes to utilize video and AI analytics to drive growth and enhance the customer experience – providing cross-functional insights.  

We pride ourselves on delivering scalable solutions, whether for small setups or complex systems spanning thousands of locations.   

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OpenEye delivers a trusted cloud-managed video and data platform that provides actionable intelligence for customers to protect and grow their business. Our architecture simplifies video deployment and management at scale, while combining and analyzing event data from video, alarm systems, access control, sales transactions, central stations, and IoT devices.

The OpenEye platform offers powerful alerting, reporting, and analytics to transform disparate events into actionable insights, and video verification, that enhance security while increasing business profitability.