Campus Security Playbook: How to Blend Policy and Technology to Mitigate Risk

April 17, 2024
Join us for an insightful discussion on navigating the complex landscape of safety and security in educational settings, where policy and technology converge to mitigate risks and safeguard campuses.

This event was originally held on April 17, 2024
and is now available for on demand viewing.

Sponsor: Genetec, Morse Watchman, Omnilert, Telguard & Vicon
 1 Hour

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Topics We May Cover:

  • Communication: Provide effective communication systems
  • Access control: Use a single entry point for staff and students, and regularly check that all outside doors are locked
  • Location tracking: Use geofencing and other location tracking
  • Alerts: Provide automated alerts and notifications
  • Training: Provide regular staff training and cybersecurity training
  • Awareness: Educate the school community on cyber threats and best practices, and make reporting systems available

The nuanced landscape of ensuring safety and security in educational environments requires seamlessly integrating policy and technologies to effectively alleviate risks on campus. Developing mitigation strategies includes mapping out methods to identify risks and creating a comprehensive plan to mitigate security threats. This process could include Improving building surveillance systems; patching technology; strengthening training programs and revising emergency response protocols.

The challenge for facility leaders lies in balancing effective security measures within constrained budgets and resources. Establishing a safety and security planning team consisting of teachers, administrators, IT personnel, emergency responders, students, and other relevant stakeholders is essential. The strategic deployment of cutting-edge technologies, including surveillance systems, access management, and communication tools, to create a holistic and adaptive security framework is also a key element for securing the campus.

Our experts will discuss a layered approach that considers all facets of safety and security while recognizing that there's no single action you can take that will keep a school safe. Rather, it's a series of small steps and big actions working together to protect everybody in the building.


Jason Stoddard
Director of School Safety and Security
Charles County Public Schools (MD)

Jason Stoddard is the Director of School Safety and Security for the Charles County Public Schools (MD). He is responsible for sustaining a safe learning and work environment for over 27,000 students and nearly 4,000 staff members. Since coming to the public schools in April of 2018, he has created the Office of School Safety and Security, been awarded millions of dollars in grant money, implemented major evolutions such as revolving backgrounds for all employees, options-based active shooter response, the “I love u guys” Foundation Standard Response Protocols, a state of art radio communication system with public safety interoperability, first its kind intelligence unit, drone program and most recently install Gun Detect, an artificial intelligence driven solution for surveillance cameras in all the system schools. 

Originally from a small town in Iowa, Mr. Stoddard came to the Washington, DC area while serving as a Security Police Officer in the United States Air Force. After completing his service obligation, he embarked on a career in civilian law enforcement. He spent over 20 years with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office rising to the rank of Lieutenant. His executive command assignments include tours within the Patrol Division, Special Operations Section (overseeing the SWAT team, K-9, Marine, Traffic, and Civil Disturbance), and Homeland Security and Intelligence Sections.

 He has a master’s degree in organizational leadership. He is a graduate of the Northwestern University, School of Police Staff and Command, and the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Program. Mr. Stoddard also serves as an adjunct professor at several universities, teaches executive-level leadership for the Maryland Police Training Commission, has authored several articles for magazines on topics ranging from school safety to organizational leadership, serves as a consultant for the Department of Justice and National Institutes of Justice, sits on several advisory boards, and has often traveled the country teaching school safety, active assailant response, leadership, data/evidence-based decision making, and crisis communications, and incident management.

Benjamin Crum
Architectural Security Design Group

Ben is the President of Architectural Security Design Group and works with owners, architects, and security consultants, to employ a holistic design approach incorporating security design principles into the early stages of the architectural design process. Recognized as a security specialist, he holds the Physical Security Professional, CPTED Professional Designation, and NFPA 3000 Program Specialist certifications. He serves on the Advisory Board for the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools, ASIS International’s School Safety & Security Council, and as a Director for the US CPTED Association.

Ben is a registered architect with a NCARB Certification and served as Director of Design for a multi-office architectural firm where he was involved in the majority of the firm’s projects during the schematic and design phases. With over 15 years of experience working on a variety of building types including Educational, Commercial, Multifamily Housing, and Development, he brings a diverse experience to every project he is a part of.

Mark Franken
VP of Marketing

As the Vice President of Marketing at Omnilert, Mark is passionate about expanding the understanding and use of new AI technology that proactively helps detect guns and protects from active shooters. Prior to Omnilert, Mark spent 6 years promoting AI and Edge technologies for improving safety, reducing energy use and improving efficiencies in manufacturing, and 15 years in IoT software and enabling hardware companies.

Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales and Marketing
Morse Watchmans

Tim Purpura is an executive with an entrepreneurial spirit. Making his home in the security industry 17 years ago, the majority of Tim’s career focused on serving several high-tech markets. In the media arena, as VP and Group Publisher for United Publications, Tim was at the helm of Security Systems News for many years from his base in Maine. He joined Connecticut-based Morse Watchmans as VP Global Sales and Marketing five years ago.

With a passion for travel, Tim considers himself fortunate to have “international travel” in his job description. Tim is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. He and his wife Ellen are avid boaters and love the salt air.

Moderator: Steve Lasky
Editorial Director

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