Assa Abloy seeks to fill market void

Sept. 10, 2012
Company discusses innovations in its product lines at ASIS press conference

The mobile innovations show room was packed with media at ASIS 2012 on Monday as Martin Huddart, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Assa Abloy's Architectural Hardware Group, based in New Haven, Conn., talked about innovation in security coming from the world's largest lock company.

The company continues to innovate with an eye to the end user and installer market, logging some 20 percent of sales by products which were launched in the last three years, Huddart said. The company has had some 280 product launches in that time period and has "partnered" with other vendors whose access control product are able to "talk to" the Assa Abloy family of brands that include locks, power supplies, controls and more.

Since last year's ASIS show, the company, whose vast majority of products are made in America, has had 93 new product launches. Several new products include the Pod cable lock, the Securitron M380 low profile door control with cameras and motion detectors built in and the Securitron Power Jump, an inductive coupling power transfer that provides invisible power.

Assa Abloy sees the medium security void--products that sit between mechanical locks and access control--as a big market, he said. That medium market includes keypads, offline locks, wireless locks, all the way up to intelligent openings. He added that wireless is a hot area of access control, that reduces labor and installation costs and time on the job site for the systems integrator.